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pool-dek is a pool covering system designed to convert a swimming pool room, or outdoor pool area and transform it into a functional event space without the need to drain the pool.

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complement your above ground swimming pool with a brand new deck. click here to view pool decking for sale online from

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our pool covers are custom cut to be flush with the surrounding area. this helps create the most usable space. our decking is plywood usually covered with turf or carpet provided by your party rental company.

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new and existing pools of virtually any shape or construction can be covered using deck-mounted track. as long as there is room for the tracks to run parallel on opposite sides of the pool, you can cover the pool. even with an attached spa or steps outside the pool perimeter, the pool can still be completely protected.

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hi emmo, aboveground pools with complete surrounding wooden decks or aluminum decks can use a pool safety cover, as long as the deck is an actual structure with heavy bases set into concrete, and not just something sitting on the ground or less sturdy. when the cover has a heavy snow or ice load, this exerts lateral stress on the deck anchors

wood deck anchors with screws for safety pool cover

use this robust wood deck anchors from water warden to install your safety cover anchors into a wood deck. comes with screws. waterwarden wood deck anchors with screws for safety pool cover-bva-10 - the seven trust

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in addition to pool decking, the addition of plants and shrubs can add a lot to your backyard. evergreens will continue to look good all four seasons of the year. in front of the evergreen shrubs, you can add color with blooming perennials and ground cover. make sure the plants you choose will work well in the area based on the condition of

winter cover for above ground pool surrounded by deck

no luck in finding a cover that can accommodate the posts in the fencing around the deck. all the round pool covers are meant to come down over the outside and be cinched and we can't do that. as to ways to fasten the covers, we've tried water weights, which work to hold down the cover as long as they don't break and the water leaks out.

kool deck - the genuine cool surface for your concrete.

be exacting, demand genuine mortex kool deck the defacto-standard in pool decking. many people for these two decades enjoyed the benefits of kool deck, which was featured as the premier surface for pool decking in the industry. 1990's emergence of polymerized cement, changing concrete dynamics

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surface coatings contain epoxy, or a combination of polymer resins, sand, and cement, which allows them to bond tightly to concrete surfaces and cover aging concrete pool decking. they provide a

10 pack wood deck brass anchor for pool safety cover

first time above ground pool owner. after a fun season of pool fun, came the chore of closing the pool. we have a wood deck surrounding the pool so putting the cover wasn't going to easy. after research i came across wood deck brass screws. we put them in all around the deck and attached the tarp to them and done. worked very well.

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the best pool cover should be secured with the best hardware. thats why all meyco hardware is non-corrosive, solid brass or stainless steelnever plastic our stainless steel buckles and aluminum strap tips wont rust or stain your swimming pool decking and our stainless steel wall anchors wont stain rock walls like others

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operating your cover-pools automatic pool cover is as easy as pressing a button or turning a key. universal and snaptop universal tracks mount directly onto your pool deck the deck-mounted universal and snaptop universal track can be used for rectangular vinyl-liner and fiberglass pools when underside track is not an option.