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when installing at21 on a flat roof, there are a few important points to consider: rubber packers or similar should be used to hold the bearers off the roof surface this is to allow sufficient water drainage. if using 38 x 88 support beams, they can be laid either 38mm high or 88mm* high,

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osb or plywood. dont use ply-wood for a flat roof thats going to be fibreglass even marine ply, cure-it, grp or topseal. it will not guarantee a roof if youve used plywood it must be osb-3. problems installing fibreglass on the wrong decking boards: fibreglass should always be installed on osb-3 sterling board preferably with tongue and groove edges,

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composite decking direct to flat roof. composite floor decking roof systems . a composite steel deck combines the tensile strength of steel with the compressive strength of concrete to improve design efficiency and reduce the material necessary to cover a given area.

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deck roof onto one of these surfaces applies to a seven trust deck. not advisable for this layer of pvc to be in direct contact with any rubber based products such as easyfix . therefore the use of a seven trust roof tile to separate roofing felt with a seven trust roof tile. installing a deck on a flat roof deck boards easyfix wooden

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because this deck type can be used in such a variety of ways it has not had the same design or profile constraints that have influenced the shapes of the two other conventional products roof deck and composite deck. indeed, almost any deck, including floor deck and roof deck, can be considered to be form deck simply depending on its use.

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but the plastic grids can also be set on a flat epdm or torch-down roof, with a slope of between 1/8 inch and 1/2 inch per footwith a couple of caveats. first, the roof deck must be reasonably flat, without major dips or undulations minor ones can be shimmed so that the pavers are level .

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if you are starting with a non-sloped flat roof surface, you can still install a tile roof deck if the first two points structural load and door threshold clearance are addressed and by using a system that utilizes tapered sleepers which can provide the slope you need for water drainage.

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deck supports and deck pedestals are an excellent way to support an elevated deck on virtually any surface. whether it's a rooftop, concrete surface, grass or dirt these deck supports are going to work. pair them with Seven Trust deck tiles for a beautifully finished look.

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deck types for flat roofs. materials used for the roof deck should be selected from those listed in the latest version of bs 6229:2003. it is important to refer to this document for design guidance, but, for convenience, the various materials are outlined below:

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in a flat roof, the waterproofing is always supported by a structural roof deck. this mostly takes the form of timber based boarding of some type, which in turn is supported on joists. the ceiling will usually be fixed directly to the underside of the joists.

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re: composite decking sleepers on flat roof i do a fair amount of roof top decks, we frame them with fall to the outside so they are never flat or leval. anyway i give a thumbs down to using composite for the sleepers for all the reasons your thinking of plus the hold down power of pt material composite is total junk for that.