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best decking material: wood, vinyl, or composite deck

the three main deck material options youll see on the market are pressure treated wood, composite, and pvc also called vinyl . wood is a more natural product, while composite and vinyl are artificial decking materials.

the differences between composite and pvc decking - decks

like composite, pvc is made from artificial materials. but instead of being a mix of wood and plastic, pvc decking is 100% plastic. like composite, it was designed to minimize maintenance and prevent common problems associated with wood, such as mold and insect infestations.

composite deck vs pvc decking - deckmax

polyvinyl chloride or pvc decking is made from all plastic so it does not contain any wood fibers. it is more expensive than composite but for many people the benefits justify the cost. this material is completely recyclable and extremely durable. it wont stain, fade or rot the way wood does so its a good investment.

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envirodeck as a brand of composite deck products which turn outside areas into modern, beautiful spaces, while still being environmentally conscious and a green decking material.

maintenance-free decking: pvc vs. composite family handyman

the core of capped decking is similar to composite or made from cellular pvc, but that core is covered with a layer of denser, tougher polymer. that means better resistance to scratches, stains and fading.

comparing deck materials: wood, wood-composite, and pvc

pvc: also called plastic or synthetic decking, this is made of cellular polyvinyl chloride pvc , the same material that is used for plastic fencing. it is lightweight and has the same density as white pine, a softwood.

vinyl decking vs. composite: which alternative decking

pvc decking. the name pvc is short for polyvinylchloride, and is also simply called vinyl. one of the most common plastics in the world, pvc is widely used in packaging, as well as building materials ranging from pipes and window frames to decking.

composite vs pvc decking - which one is right for me?

pvc decking answers the desire for low maintenance decking, contains no wood fibre, and offers the broadest colour assortment and natural wood grains available. seven trust capped pvc is ranked 1 in quality and has a crisp, unparalleled aesthetic that cant be found in other decking materials.