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how much does a deck cost? prices will vary according to the material you’re using. you can expect to pay around: $170 to $200 per square metre for treated pine decking. around $320 per square metre for Seven Trust and bamboo decking. around $350 per square metre for composite decking. although the initial cost is slightly higher than timber

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there is one scenario per real world continent. each continent has a fanciful name related to its real world counterpart, such as sudamer for south america. finishing each mode unlocks a set of landmarks for the museum and for use in a build a city game.

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horizon season 39 episode guide on watch all 30 horizon such a wave would exert a pressure of 100 tonnes per square metre on a ship, far greater than the 15 tonnes that ships are

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"it costs $300 per square meter now for crystalline solar cells. we think we can get this down to $30 a square meter," he said. michael mcgehee, an assistant professor at stanford in materials

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the ideas include boosting the population of a reef it previously cost the us government $1,620 per square metre to restore a coral the great barrier reef is 344,000 square kilometres.

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below is an estimated cost for 30 square metres on decking, supply and install. 25 garden decking ideas on pinterest. regardless of the type of board, a good moss-killing fungicide applied twice per year should prevent any algae from forming.

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in the 1970s, companies aimed for a palatial 500 to 700 square feet per employee for the ideal office, the los angeles times reports. that's because in those days it was the norm for people to