how to fix a fence to a wall

fixing fence posts to an old wall with coping stones

i am trying to figure out the best way to attch fence posts to this back wall. it is quite an old looking wall, nothing is strht and with the coping and different thicknesses i am struggling to find a nice simple way to attach the fence posts. i don't want to fix just to the top using those metal brackets as i don't think the wall could

fixing a sagging gate and replacing a fence post the

fixing a sagging gate and replacing a fence post the handyman how to fix a plaster wall the handyman how to rebuild a broken fence gate that will never sag / gate repair the right way


if it needs to attach to the wall, you could use lbolts to fix some suitable size posts to it. you may need some additional wood spacers to handle the amount the coping stones extend beyond the wall.

fixing fence posts to an old wall with coping stones

next questions then would be - do the masonry bolts have to go all the way through the post and spacer and fix to the wall? or can i fix the spacers to the wall using masonry bolrs and then the post to the spacer using regular wood screws also - what are your thoughts on half height posts like the examples attached.

garden fence erection fixing to a wall?

not using posts fixing directly to the wall, as it says at the top ^^^^ yes, thats the problem the footings of the wall will be leverage by the extra fencing, and break, and the panels will have little support anyhow, and break must use posts, set into ground at intervals, and go from there

diy fence and wall repairs

recreating a section of wall from the ground up. to rebuild part of a wall, remove a v-shaped section that extends as far down as necessary. unless the stones are damaged in the second tier behind

how to install a feather edge fence on boundary wall

build a privacy fence on top of a block wall - duration: 8:30. mittsdad fix this build that 1,036,010 how i transformed this old block wall - diy timber cladding project

advise to construct wooden fence on top wall diynot forums

then fix another vertical 3x3 post about 3 feet high on top the wall using 7 inch bolts to fix to the first upright. that brings me forward 3 inches. then to bring it forward another 3 inches by fixing 2 3x3 posts horizontally to serve as arris rails at say 1 foot and 3 foot high these would be screwed into the vertical posts.

suggestions for bolt needed for fixing fence post to

suggestions for bolt needed for fixing fence post to concrete wall. discussion in 'builders' talk' started by shadowfax, mar 2, 2016. shadowfax member. hi guys, i am going to fit several 3x2 posts to a concrete block wall to support a row of trellis. i was intending to use lbolts but i am open to suggestions for alternatives.

how to fix a broken fence: simple ways to fix blown down

how to fix a broken fence: simple ways to fix blown down fencing stormy weather often brings fencing down. here are a few ways to repair yours yourself

putting a fence on top of a wall urban75 forums

it may be possible to fix the fence posts to the buttresses that are already there in the wall, these will be strong enough providing the pointing is good. between these you could fix some longer posts into the ground in your border with post-fix, dig hole, it post in, fill with post-fix and add water.

how to fix a broken fence post in under 30 minutes

once the fence post is rotted, it will blow over easily in the wind. ideally you'll notice your fence post is broken before the fence blows over, and you can tell if it's broken if it is wobbling.

how to replace a fence post in concrete: 15 steps with

dig a hole around 1 side of the fence post. with a shovel, break into the ground surrounding the fence posts concrete base. keep digging until you create a half-circle gap between the ground and concrete. if possible, dig a hole that is as deep as the concrete itself, giving the post as much wiggle room as possible.

how to fill gap under fence zef jam

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attaching a fence to the top of a wall screwfix

unless the wall is wider than a brick length the fixing holes will be close to the edge and risk breaking out and damaging the top of the wall, i would run the post up from base of wall with a halving joint run up to the top of the wall allowing fixing to the side of the wall.

fixing a 75mm fence post to a brick wall diynot forums

i need to fix a couple of 75mm x 75mm fence posts to a brick wall. i've read some recommendations for thunderbolts. what length of bolt would i need to get a good strong fix? i've also seen hex head bolts in screwfix - would they also do the job?

how to affix a temporary fence to a brick wall home

how to affix a temporary fence to a brick wall put on work gloves. fit a 2 1/4-inch pipe brackets onto the upper portion of the fence post with the outer tabs of the bracket flat against the face of the wall. set up a power drill with a 1/4-inch carbide drill bit. slide the bracket down the post

is there a way to fix wooden fencing into a stone wall

assuming you are wanting to put a wooden fence on top of a wall to make it higher, you can get 'metaposts' from most garden centres. these a a metal socket to inset a fence post. you can get metaposts to fix by lbolts onto a flat surface. otherwise attach fenceposts to the wall and extend the height with fencing.

how to connect wood fencing to a brick wall home guides

measure and mark the 2-by-4-inch fencing rails for the section of fence that meets the wall. cut the rails to length with a circular saw. insert the end of one rail in a rail bracket.

how to attach trellis to a wall or fence ronseal

fix the battens to the fence or wall at the points where the top and bottom of your trellis will sit. if your trellis is particularly big, you might want to add one in the middle too. some trellis come with a back panel which provides a gap between the slats and the fence, so you wont need to attach battens.

how do i fix my wooden fence?

fix the occasional scratch by cleaning away rust and touching up the paint. electric or wire fence. make sure your electric fence is grounded and that the insulators are not broken. wire and woven wire fences need sufficient but not excessive tension to be effective. as with any fence, regular inspection is advised.

securing fence posts to brick wall

securing fence posts to brick wall. hi there, we have a 3 foot wooden fence above a brick wall in our garden. the previous owners screwed the posts into the wall, but it didn't seem very secure and the fence has come down in recent heavy winds. we're about to get it repaired and would like some advice on the best way to secure the posts.

fixing fence to old wall? diynot forums

yes this is how the rest of the fence was done in a few areas they have used 3x2s fixed to the wall and sat panels on top of the wall but today i have attempted an improvement by fixing a plank over the joints between panels. this will tie the panels together, and give the panels a little more upper rigidity.