how to add shade to a pergola

retractable pergola canopy installation

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how to shade your deck

assemble the pergola. drop the posts into the pockets and drive four 3-in. nails to secure each of them to the blocking. dont worry if they seem wobbly; the rest of the pergola structure will stiffen them. finally, plumb each post in both directions and secure with two temporary braces.use the 1×4 salvaged from the template.

inexpensive ways to cover your pergola

add plants. you can give your pergola a natural look by adding plants. climbers that grow vigorously, such as trumpet vines, are a great choice. plant them so that they grow to wrap the top and the sides of your structure. planting large trees near your pergola will give you more shade and cover.

how to add a track for a shade cloth to a pergola

adding a retractable shade cloth to a pergola creates a shady spot to relax. while some companies offer special shade cloth made specifically for pergolas that come with fancy hardware, anyone can make their own pergola shade cloth using a few basic tools.measure the section of pergola to be

how to get the most shade from your pergola

climbing plants are a natural way to add more shade to a shade struture. the more the plants grow, the more shade they will provide offering dappled sunlight or heavy shade. any leafy or vine varieties will create a lush, cool and naturally shady backyard environment. flowering vines can add a fragrant pop of color completing any outdoor space.

6 easy ways to create shade

6 easy ways to create shade 1. open an umbrella. an umbrella is the fastest shade fix around. 2. put up a canopy gazebo. a canvas or canopy gazebo is a weekend-quick solution to too much sun. 3. cover a pergola with vines. a little work building a pergola leads to big payoffs 4. add fabric

attaching shade sail to pergola

you can research google the force a 5m triangle can produce with moderate wind. a storm would demolish any pergola with such sail attached to it. if you could make a gadget that rolls the thing out and back when you finished with it that may be a consideration.

6 creative ways to add shade outdoors this old house

6 creative ways to add shade outdoors carving out shady spaces. install a fabric canopy. drape a tarp for cover. invest in an outdoor umbrella. increase the shade with a pergola. deck out a freestanding structure. add wisteria to a pergola.

how to put a roof on a flat pergola

if your pergola roof has a slope or is attached to the house, the direction of the panels is determined for you. the grooves need to point downhill and away from the house. however, if you have a free-standing pergola with a flat roof like mine you need to decide which way the grooves will go. which also determines which way the water will run off.


this is a simple solution to attaching a sun shade or sun sail to a pergola. i have a 14' x 14' pergola and have put a 10' x 13' sunshade underneath it. i purchased appropriately sized eye hooks

how to build a diy retractable pergola canopy

attach the three turnbuckles with the hook end to the three remaining eye screws on the pergola. extend the free end of each wire rope to the eye end of the turnbuckles to get a general sense of where to cut the ends. add 4 inches to your measurement and cut there.

add more shade to your outdoor living room

according to booth, the most popular idea for providing that shade is often adding an open-lattice pergola with overhead slats that throw shade but don't greatly restrict natural light inside a home. the latin word 'pergola' traditionally referred to an outdoor structure of columns supporting a roof of rafters and beams.

6 easy ways to create shade

draped over a pergola, vines add extra shade and help soften the hard lines of the structure. depending on your choice of plants, they can also add colorful owers and fragrance the wisteria spilling over the pergola at left will scent the entire yard. you can get different looks with vines, too, from classic wisteria or clematis to fast

how to add shade to a pergola

how to add shade to a pergola step 1 choose which method to use. there are two simple ways to shade a pergola: naturally step 2 if using the artificial method, first, prepare the cloth. step 3 secure grommets to the hem. using a grommet tool, punch holes though step 4 install eye

how to build a shade pergola or arbor hunker

much of the shade will be east of the pergola depending on rafter height and location. attach your beams. nail them into place attach your nails away from where you are drilling your bolt holes and drill your bolt holes, two per post equally positioned in the middle of each beam. tap in your bolts, add washers and nuts, tighten firmly in place.