easy to clean pool decking applications

how to clean a pool deck and more with wet and forget

wet and forget cleans pool surrounds, decks, liners, cages, lanais, decorative tile, walls, pool furniture, and most outdoor surfaces. there are three different forms of wet and forget outdoor. the wet and forget concentrate is ideal to use for precise applications, such as algae stains on your decking near the pool and pool walls*.

15 pool maintenance tips to keep your pool clean

everything in your pool enters at the surface of the water, the effective the skimmer is, the more stuff it can skim off the pool the better. there is a round access panel on your deck; open it up and dump the contents of the basket as needed. keep it cleaned out at all times.

how to clean a cool deck with bleach hunker

prepare a large batch of the cleaning solution in a bucket. increase the amount of bleach used to 1 cup. dip a sponge mop into the solution, and begin scrubbing the deck without wringing out the mop. start at one corner of the deck, and work your way methodically to the opposite side, cleaning the deck in rowed sections.

pool patio, stone and coping sealing and cleaning tips: tss

how and why to seal pool coping cleaning tips to follow before applying sealant. everything you need to know about sealing pool coping, explained and demonstrated by professionals. we compiled a list of tips and instructions to help you care for the decking area around your pool.

homemade deck cleaner

generously apply the cleaning solution, then scrub to a light lather. rinse the deck off with a garden hose. for full instructions on making and applying homemade deck cleaner, continue reading below

the easiest way to clean your own pool

how to clean your own pool. if you have your own swimming pool, you may want to save money by cleaning the pool yourself. it takes quite a bit of work to clean a swimming pool and you'll have to monitor chemical levels at least three times

kool deck

to apply any overlay on existing concrete, there is some surface preparation and when isn't there surface preparation . it's relatively easy to get a great bond with kool deck to the concrete when done properly. mortex provides significant resources for helping contractors on how to properly prepare a surface for using pta bonding agent.

how to winterize decks and patios doityourself.com

instead, try elevating them on small blocks or disks. clean and store all flower pots and fountains indoors. also pack up the grill and any summer toys, chemicals, and plant foods you wont be using. step 2 - clean. clean the surface of your deck or patio. start by using a leaf blower or broom to remove loose debris. then use a brush for tougher spots.

swimming pool maintenance

clean water and balanced water chemistry are the keys to pool maintenance. establish a weekly routine to clean the pool and maintain the chemical balance. a shock treatment solves and prevents the majority of pool problems. test the ph and free available chlorine in the pool water and shock-treat, if necessary, on a weekly basis.

diy q and a

can be acid-stained or custom-textured for a unique look around the pool. may be applied to new or old concrete. is usually finished with a solvent-based sealant that makes it stain resistant and easy to clean ; acrylic cons: when textured, is cooler than plain concrete, but not as cool as kool deck; can cost up to twice as much as kool deck

paint options for pool decks

the most popular pool deck coating we offer is deck kote. deck kote a one-part acrylic water-based pool deck coating designed as an effective weapon against uv rays and weathering in a coating that is easy to apply and clean up. longest lasting protection against fade on painted or unpainted concrete surfaces.

how to clean and oil a deck build

the directions on the tin should give you an indication of drying time and when to apply the second coat. use less oil in the second coat than the first, as the wood will not absorb as much of it and it may pool on the surface and become sticky. use a rag with turps to clean up any marks or spills; the turps thins out the oil.

tips for applying deck sealer diy

there are several techniques you can use to apply a deck sealer. when in doubt, follow the instructions written on the container. applying the sealer with a brush gives you the greatest control for the most even application and will ensure that you get the sealer not only on the deck boards but in-between the boards as well.

3 easy pool decking tips from pros

3 easy pool decking tips from pros november 13, 2017 december 19, 2017 admin blog whether you have had a pool deck for a while or just installing a new one, it is important that its form and function satisfies your needs and wants.

how to resurface a pool deck

sundek has been doing pool deck resurfacing for almost 50 years. weve worked to make pool decks at private homes and commercial properties safe and beautiful. if youre looking to resurface a pool deck for a commercial location, please see our commercial page.

how to clean and seal your swimming pool deck intheswim

sealing a pool deck is easy to do, let me show you how. materials needed for pool deck sealing. stiff brush on a pole, for scrubbing dirty or stained areas. pressure washer, 2500-3000 psi, for cleaning deck. tsp trisodium phosphate for cleaning deck. paint roller on a pole, 5 gal bucket and paint screen. in the swim pool deck sealant.

the best cleaners for your deck, patio, and other outdoor

apply this cleaning agent with a soft nylon brush. rinse, then follow with a protective uv oil we like penofinultra seven trust red label penofin.com for stores ; a mini paint roller makes it easy to coat on. to buy: simple green deck and fence cleaner, $12, homedepot.com.

types of deck washes and cleaners

1 cup of vinegar. 2 tablespoons t of mild dishwashing liquid/soap not the stuff for your dishwasher 1 gallon of water. sprinkle baking soda on affected areas of deck. mix vinegar, soap, and water in a bucket, apply to one section of mildew-infested decking, and scrub with a brush until you see results.

pool deck paint

all you need to brighten up your pool deck is some good pool deck paint, and a few supplies. the process of pool deck painting is not so complicated, its easier than painting a pool, maybe even easier than painting a room in your house. our pool deck coatings are easy to apply to concrete, stampcrete, kool deck, wood decks very versatile

pool and spa equipment products pentair

sparkling-clean pool and spa water invites a healthy, active lifestyle. pentairs solutions are engineered to filter, clean and sanitize water to its purest state, while automation equipment makes it all easy to control from anywhere so that you can truly enjoy your pool and spa. calculators.