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august 2018 - yantai china: pergola covered in grape vines and bunches of grapes covered in bags at the vineyard of the chinese changyu wine brand jackie healy's garden near chepstow. early autumn garden.

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once the flowers and vines completely grow into this pergola, it would become a gorgeous wall/roof of plants and flowers. this example is a vinyl pergola kit with a cottage-style design. it is movable and very lightweight making it ideal for application in this area, as this is placed on a raised wooden deck/plantform.

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while a plain pergola or arbor has some appeal with its clean lines, covering it with plants adds texture and color to your patio, as well as a cover that can provide much-needed shade.

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a vine-covered pergola in italy. adding climbing plants, such as ivy, makes a pergola feel like an extension of the garden. at villa palagio,

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zig zag pergola with vines here is another unique design with ornate iron in a zig-zag pattern covered with vines. this is in a park in georgia, and it really is a unique design element.

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easy way to add a retractable cover to a pergola: attach a curtain rod on top of each side and put shower rings on your cloth cover a pergola is a fantastic framework for a canopy, hanging plants or vines which yep, you guessed it increases backyard shade and intimacy too.

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honeysuckle is a large vine that grows at a rapid rate. you can plant one honeysuckle plant and easily cover your pergola in no time. jasmine jasmine is without a doubt one of the most intense flowers. you can smell its fragrance from far away. if you love flowers with a strong scent, this is the one you should pick for your pergola.

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rather than waiting for vines to grown, the dubes covered the top of their pergola with a tan-colored shade cloth that cuts 65 percent of uv. 'this was the finishing touch for us,' robin says. 2 of 7

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growing plants on your pergola ivy and other vines: you may be envisioning a lovely garden pergola thats covered with vines, faux ivy, vines and plants: if you lack the patience required to grow ivy and vines on your pergola, hanging plants for your pergola: hanging plants can look

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the top 10 vines for adding shade, color and fragrance to covered patios. ideas for modern patio covers that offer a minimalist look with clean lines. the options for wood pergolas, including the most popular wood types, using kits with the wood and hardware included, and custom-built wood patio covers.

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decorating your pergola, trellis and arches can be a tough decision to make, as there are a thousand varieties of flowering vines in the market the disadvantages of vines are that they can

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the crimson glory vine vitis coignetiae is so called because of its fantastic autumn colour. a large, vigorous climber, itll easy cover a pergola producing a lush, leafy canopy.