how to reinforce a wobbly pergola

how to fix those pesky wobbly chairs

with a chair that has a number of severely loose joints, label all the parts with masking tape, then disassemble them using a clamp with a reversible jaw, known as a spreader. after you have the parts separated, carefully scrape away the dried adhesive, then repair, rebuild, and reinforce the joints.

how to strhten sagging roof rafters

sagging rafters can lead to serious problems with the entire roofing system. if you notice that there is a visible dip in your roof, chances are you have a problem with one, or several, rafters and you may soon be facing more issues like water leaks, bowed out walls, or your roof caving in on you.

how to stabilize wood posts with a concrete girdle

drive a stake into the ground next to the post or next to the concrete. the top should be just above ground level. pull the stake. fill the hole with water and level the post. use a carpenters level to determine whether the post is vertical. add dry premixed concrete to the top of the hole.

pergola wobbly

decks, patios, porches, walkways, driveways, stairs, steps and docks - pergola wobbly - we have just helped a relative build a 23'x13'x10' pergola. it is not attached to the house. it is quite wobbly.

how to reinforce your gazebo outdoor cabana, canopy

in regions of intense sunlight you might want to have a more solid structure, and in hot climates, you may desire increased yard coverage or shade connected to the home. shade form man-made structures and buildings produce a comprehensive block from the sunlight. considering your requirement,

how to reinforce wooden fence posts garden guides

pour gravel or concrete into the hole and insert the post. allow appropriate time to settle or dry, depending on your material. add additional wooden pieces to help support the fence posts. if the fence post is supported by gravel or dirt, dig a little deeper next to the fence post on both sides.

repairing decks and railings the family handyman

dont try to cut directly over a joist. instead, cut to one side and screw on a cleat to support the new decking. its a fairly hefty cut for a jigsaw, so use a sharp, stiff blade to keep your cuts as strht and smooth as possible. d a square line on the decking to one side of a joist below.

shaky pergola

my client wanted a pergola which i call an arbor. i looked at a couple of photos of these things and they looked pretty simple. we built a 16' x10' one using three 4x6 pt posts along it side. posts are about 32' in the ground with a bag of sacrete each. these are 8'6' high and on top of these we placed double 2x10's secured using simpson bc46

how to stabilize wood posts with a concrete girdle

damaged fence posts lean and wobble, undermining the stability of your entire fence. you may not have to replace a damaged post if you can stabilize it with a concrete girdle. you need a claw hammer, tapered surveyor stakes, premixed concrete, and water. heres what to do: take out adjacent fence construction. you probably will

how to repair a patio umbrella yourself

how old is the umbrella? my best guess would be that the string/rope used in the crank mechanism has frayed or gotten loose somehow. there is no reason for the umbrella to creep down once cranked and locked in position. if thats the situation the string would need to be replaced with a new one.

how to reinforce a wooden post set in concrete today's

setting a wooden post in concrete makes it more stable and secure, but as the wood shrinks over time, it can cause the post to become loose. to prevent this from happening, drive several large, rust resistant nails in all four sides of the post at different angles.

replacing a termite damaged pergola post

then i replaced the long bolt that attached the top of the pergola to the post. to prevent any shifting or swaying especially in an earthquake i decided i would attach the post to the patio on two sides using l-brackets, large screws and wedge anchors .

pergola posts a little wobbly

wobbly pergola with pictures. okay, i'm attaching a couple of pics: one is of the post anchor. this is where i feel like the most wobble is occurring. the other is of the entire structure, to give a sense of what i've already done and of the whole load of the project. again, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

how to repair a wooden fence ideas and advice diy at b and q

step 1 support the fence with lengths of timber on either side whilst you make the post repair. step 2 use a shovel to dig a hole around the base of the fence post on the side where the concrete repair spur will go. dig the hole to a depth of approximately 45 to 60cm deep the deeper the better .

how to reinforce a wobbly pergola

how to reinforce a wobbly pergola replacing a termite damaged pergola post - the kim six fix then i replaced the long bolt that attached the top of the pergola to the post. to prevent any shifting or swaying especially in an earthquake i decided i would attach the post to the patio on two sides using l-brackets, large screws and wedge anchors .

how to repair a sagging support beam how-tos diy

start by fastening temporary wood blocks to the rafter tails image 1 . this will protect the original porch wood and support the temporary beam. join two sections of 2x6 for the temporary beam. with the sections joined, sister the two to create a 20 foot length image 2 which will span the porch.

how to fix a wobbly pergola merrypad

when wind happens and a wobbly pergolas got you down, there are a lot of things to consider. and if youre like me, youll likely take it personally and consider yourself a poor craftslady for a few weeks while you indulge in pints of pumpkin ice cream and catch up on the newest season of parenthood