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300 archaeological excavations show people lived on islands in year 300, but do not reveal who they were. 6 th century irish monks settle in the faroe islands. 9 th century norwegian farmers settle in the faroes islands. 900 faroese althing (parliamentary council/assembly) is formed. 999 sigmundur brestisson, with orders from the king of norway, introduces christianity to

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the early details of the history of the faroe islands are unclear. it is possible that brendan, an irish monk, sailed past the islands during his north atlantic voyage in the 6th century.he saw an 'island of sheep' and a 'paradise of birds,' which some say could be the faroes with its dense bird population and sheep.

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faroe islands, group of islands in the north atlantic ocean between iceland and the shetland islands. they form a self-governing overseas administrative division of the kingdom of denmark. learn more about the history, geography, and government of the faroe islands in this article.

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the faroe islands are a member of several international sports federations like uefa, fifa in football and fina in swimming and ehf in handball and have their own national teams. the faroe islands have their own telephone country code, internet country code top-level domain, banking code and postal country code.

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history of the faroe islands. the first known settlers in the faroe islands were irish monks, who in the 6th century ad told of the “islands of the sheep and the paradise of birds”. viking age settlers establish their free state