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polish the surface with some teak oil to restore the desired finish. 5. severe teak water stains. in severe cases, teak furniture can be refinished. this will take a little more time but it will also revitalize your outdoor set follow these easy steps to remove deep watermarks from teak. start by sanding with steel wool and wood wax.

replacing the cabin sole - an easy solution

replacing the cabin sole - an easy solution. 5/5/2011 teak is extremely expensive over here and the teak and holly ply is unavailable. third i only had basic carpentry tools to work with. after some time, eyal settled on oak, and i suggested separating the oak stripes with a white caulking to give a traditional look.

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so i decided to convert my teak and holly sole into a teak and sandy sole, making only the holly strips a non-skid surface. the first step was to clean and sand the cabin sole. being only a few years old, it was pretty easy to clean up and get it looking nice.

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it is a pvc-based material, very similar to real teak, easy to clean, really non-skid even when wet and only dback is that it is as sensitive as real teak when it comes to stains of oil and grease. but it can be protected by a sealer to reduce this risk.

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after laying the side decks it appears that several years ago when ordering the teak i made a 'slight' over estimation of the amount needed. fortunately that was years ago before the embargo. i have enough teak to do the cabin soles and have enough left over to make a small fortune on ebay. i was going to resign myself to teak and holly ply over meranti for the sole but now a real t and h sole

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i woke up this morning to a cloudy dreary day that looked like an ideal candidate for cleaning and lemon oiling winterlude's interior teak. it's a project i try to tackle twice a year once when we return to the boat and once just before we leave. otherwise 30 year old teak will become tired and worn.

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teak is pretty easy to 'save', if it's not too far gone. it's not so much a list of products, but a set of procedures and processes you need. it would be nice if there was a magic goo in a can that you could pour on and bingo a freshly restored sole, but alas, there's no such beast damnit .

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an easy way to fix a scratch in wood without totally refinishing the area. / easy fix for scratched teak. easy fix for scratched teak. november 21, 2015 by carolyn shearlock. oh, it hurts. but it happens. in with cleaning supplies . for keeping wood looking good, their lemon oil is also good.

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so i went with teak and holly, here is my story. i have pictures of cutting the teak and holly sole. i used my old sole for patterns. i placed the old ones on top on new teak and holly to me lined up the holly and left 3/16' extra when i cut it. i next got a pattern following router bit.

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our teak and holly, diamond plate, ez boat sole and loncoin flooring are all extremely durable vinyl floors that are rated for marine use. the resilient vinyl is waterproof and its rated for commercial-use so it can withstand a lot of foot traffic. our interior teak and holly marine flooring is as no maintenance as continue reading 'ez boat sole interior boat flooring'

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teak and holly vinyl sole nothing is more nautical than a teak and holly sole. the real thing is slippery, hard to install, scratches easily and requires constant effort to maintain. this flooring is designed for commercial high traffic applications, such as, offices, stores, schools and public places. so you know it's durable and moisture proof.

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i'd be real careful about sanding bare teak and holly plywood. the new sole i put in last season had a teak veneer the thickness of a piece of paper, and this wasn't a cheap piece of wood. your mileage may vary, but sanding thru the veneer is a distinct possiblity, so be careful.

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gel stains are great for hiding things like the green, purple and brown grain in poplar, but again, would tend to hide the teak and holly contrast. you could try an amber shellac, which i've used successfully to match patched in pieces on an oak Seven Trust floor with the 30 year old finish on the rest of the floor.

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isiteek is easy to clean and it synthetic teak decking for boats. it looks and feels like real teak and the color will not fade or turn grey like real teak.

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i'm in the process of making a new synthetic teak cabin sole the floor in a boat using isiteek for my albin ballad sailboat . this is part 1 of 3.

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hi folks, many thanks for the contributions i received two samples from plasteak: ez sole, composite 'click plank' with vinyl surface; floats on a thin layer of poly foam, probably can glue it down , and 'teak and holly', basically a 'marine grade linoleum' you can either glue down or they sent a thin layer of foam you can probably 'float ' it on .

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advice refinishing teak and holly sole brightener: first a trial with diluted tsp trisodiuim phosphate to remove any oils, etc. becareful as tsp will also dissolve some of the wood cells. then a brightening with dilute oxalic acid.

synthetic teak decking for boats with isiteek - youtube

synthetic teak decking for boats. it looks and feels like real teak and the color will not fade or turn grey like real teak. isiteek is easy to clean and it also has an anti-slip quality which

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teak and holly sole the woodenboat forum is sponsored by woodenboat publications , publisher of woodenboat magazine. the forum is a free service, and much like the 'free' content on public radio, we hope you will support woodenboat by subscribing to this fabulous magazine.

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holly/teak wood is an excellent choice for it can last for 100 years and is very easy to clean. it also produces natural oils that repel termites. it can withstand extreme weather conditions. teak is a bit expensive but it is surely worth all the money with lesser maintenance and peace of mind when you leave your boat.

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ez boat sole - teak and white interior flooring color swatch. finally a flooring for narrow cabins. this click together plank flooring is perfect for the confined areas in the cabin, galley, etc. **we highly recommend that you order samples first to ensure color selection is accurate**. weight: 2.6 lb.

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how do i refinish teak and holly laminate? how do i refinish teak and holly laminate? 2010 october 1. by staff. dear boat doctor, i have a 1989 34-foot pacific seacraft. part of the teak-and-holly sole needs refinishing. what is the best way to do go about this? richard berg, md grosse pointe farms, michigan.

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hi, my cabin sole is looking weathered in my seidelmann s299 . there is what looks to be 1/4' teak and holly over marine 3/4' plywood. the plywood looks to be in decent shape so i was looking at just replacing the teak and holly over top.

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teak and holly interior marine flooring cflor. so durable that its been used on us navy vessels and countless luxurious cruise lines. these interiors are the most durable and convincing materials in the market and used by many manufacturers like ocean yachts, sea ray, donzi, hatteras, chaparral, and viking to name a few.

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i built templates out of luan because it was cheap and easy to work with. i then transferred the lines onto my 3/4 plywood. the outside edges did not need to be exact because there is teak trim that runs around the entire sole at the base of the furniture.