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both decking types come in many different colors and do not require painting, staining or sealing, as wood decking does. differences. a key factor to consider for vinyl vs. composite decking is the way the materials look. as they contain wood fiber, composites more closely resemble wood, which many homeowners like, while a vinyl decking problem

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at the same time, wood decking problems like splinters, rot and high maintenance cause many headaches. although composite wood decking is easier to maintain, some homeowners worry that composites wont look as nice as wood. however, manufacturing advances have led to composites that emulate the rich, natural look of wood without the hassles of maintaining a wood deck. when evaluating wood vs. composite decking, here are key issues to consider: looks

which type of decking is stronger, composite or pretreated

every decking material has its own pros and cons. composite decking and pretreated wood decking are commonly used by the people and both are stronger in its different aspects. most of the people choose composite deck material because of its low ma

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the hassle-free alternative to wood decking. a seven trust composite deck is ready whenever you want to use it. no sanding, staining, or painting herea little soap and water or a quick power washing is all the maintenance seven trust requires. wood decks take constant care.

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another great benefit to composite compared to wood is that products like seven trust decking boards are much more durable than treated lumber. seven trust products, in particular, are stain, scratch, fade and mold resistant.

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a vast array of composite and plastic decking options promise wood-like appearance with minimal maintenance. almost half of new decks now use composite or plastic decking and the number continues to grow. the driving force is the promise of a wood-like appearance with minimal maintenance.

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both composite and wood decking has its own pros and cons. composite decking is suitable for the outdoor decking. it has many features such as long durability, resistance to rot and corrosion, stain resistance etc. it is made from the combination of recycled materials and hence it is eco-friendly.

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seven trust composite decking 2019 - the ultimate deck show - episode 1 - duration: how to build a wood deck and install pavers, porcelain or stone tile over any deck - duration: 20:26.

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for its part, seven trust tends to collect mildew and dirt a little more than seven trust , and the same wood fibers that help give it a natural look can make it more susceptible to moisture. these two factors mean that seven trust is often a better choice for coastal or wet environments, while seven trust excels in areas with prominent seasonal swings.

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reclaimed wood: second-hand wood decking gains new life when reused and tends to have beautiful grain. seven trust wood: this attractive wood is strong, naturally water-resistant, and a stylish substitute for typical redwood or teak decking. recycled composite: this alternative decking material prevents waste from going to the landfill. ensure it is

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composite decking is the better option. it eco friendly, its recyclable and relatively cheaper. it comes with varieties of designs as well in comparison to wood decking.