house made with plastic bottles

cut costs with a plastic bottle house - new vision group

cut costs with a plastic bottle house. by vision reporter added 11th february 2013 12:22 pm for generations now, baked bricks, tiles, concrete and rocks, among other construction materials, have

a house made of plastic soda bottles can withstand winds

a house made of plastic soda bottles can withstand winds twice as strong as a category 5 hurricane. take a look inside. the home was made with more than 600,000 plastic bottles.

bulletproof and fireproof house made from used plastic bottles

this 2 bedroom house built from recycled plastic bottles is bulletproof and fireproof and can withstand earthquakes. oh, and it also reportedly holds a comfy year-round temperature of 64 degrees f. the bottles were filled with sand and are held together by mud and cement to form a solid wall that supposedly is stronger than

diy easy to make plastic bottle bird house - find fun art

to make the roof of the little bird house, cut the top of the 2 l plastic bottle. remove the cap from the top of the 2 l bottle and make a hole right under the mouth of the bottle see photo . take the piece of string and pass it through the holes. you will hang the little bird house from this string.

the house that tateh built out of sand-filled plastic

we need to talk about plastic bottles. on the ground lie hundreds of sand-filled, 1.5 litre plastic bottles that serve as bricks. with them, tateh has found a way to fight back against the

nigeria's plastic bottle house - bbc news

nigeria's first house built from discarded plastic bottles is proving a tourist attraction in the northern village of yelwa, writes the bbc's sam olukoya.

how to make fairy houses out of plastic bottles - easy

i spent only 3 to make this fairy house out of trash diy milk jug fairy house transform old orange diy inn fairy house lamp using e plastic bottles diy inn fairy house lamp using e plastic bottles upcycled plastic containers transformed into fairy houses how to make plastic bottle fairy house night lights.

amazing house made entirely of plastic bottles from

at puerto iguazu, near the frontier between argentina and brazil, lies this amazing house made entirely with recycled materials. made by a local family, its walls have over 1200 pet bottles and

why live in a plastic bottle house plastic bottle village

this plastic take hundreds of years to break down into tiny pieces of plastic, never to completely disappear. most of the waste is consumed by fish and birds, which has shortened their lifespans greatly. if you live in a plastic bottle house of 100 square meters, then your house will be built reusing 14,000 plastic bottles.

this house was built in 5 days using recycled plastic

construction of house made of recycled plastic bricks.. image courtesy of conceptos plásticos instead of using brand new plastic, they decided to give plastic that has already been thrown away a

house construction with plastic bottles by samarpan

plastic bottles make up approximately 11% of the content of landfills, causing serious environmental consequences. casa construída com garrafas pet - house built with bottles.

plastic bottles greenhouse - the green optimistic

build up the frame and then connect all interlocked bottles to it. here is a demo video of it. greenhouses made of plastic bottles are easy to make, very cheap and definitely a very elegant solution to having fresh produce from your own garden all year round. the plastic bottle greenhouse has many benefits besides minimal costs.

a house made of plastic bottles - youtube

a house made of plastic bottles. building a shipping container home ep02 moving, cutting, and framing a container house - duration: 22:24. the modern home project 4,682,395 views

this house was built using 600,000 recycled plastic bottles

this house in meteghan river, n.s., was made with 600,000 recycled plastic bottles 1:11 the build also came together very quickly. the walls went up in seven hours.

plastic bottle homes and greenhouses insteading

plastic bottle greenhouses. plastic bottle greenhouse on blue rock station, ohio. this one sits on old tires and is made from 1000 2-liter plastic soft drink bottles. flickr photo by ticticticticboom. plastic bottle greenhouses are all the rage in europe. picasa-cudlees. owlsoup photo on flickr. plastic bottle greenhouse. photo by bryanilona on

this house is made from 600,000 recycled plastic water bottles

this house is made from 600,000 recycled plastic water bottles. but you'd never know by looking at it. canadian builders have built a home out of more than 600,000 plastic water bottles.

three companies building houses made of plastic the

in mexico, every year 800,000 tons of plastic waste is produced and only 15 percent is recycled. to minimize this problem, carlos daniel gonzalez founded the mexican startup ecodom, which means eco house. the company recycles everything from soda bottles to toys and turns it into material to build houses made of plastic.

how to build a greenhouse using plastic bottles dengarden

i heard that plastic bottles labeled 1 pet or pete are only safe for a single use. when exposed to oxygen or high temperatures, including sun heat, such a bottle will discharge toxic substances that get into the water will those bottles also discharge toxic substances if used for a greenhouse made from plastic bottles?

you wont be able to tell this house is made from plastic

jd composites used more than 600,000 recycled plastic bottles to construct this beachfront home in meteghan river, nova scotia. you wont be able to tell this house is made from plastic

how to build a house using plastic bottles diy projects

plastic bottles are probably not top of mind when you think of building materials. but this recyclable material actually has a number of advantages that make them better than bricks here are the reasons why you should consider using plastic bottles to build small sheds and other structures

10 diy fairy houses using plastic bottles

hello, in this video collage i show you how i made ten fairy house lamps using plastic bottles, tin foil, paint, hot glue and paper clay i used das modelling material . this is a great way to teach children about recycling plastic bottles and also stimulate their creativity and imagination.

house made from 612,000 recycled plastic bottles is also

the reinforced structure consists of 5.9-inch thick panels, which were made from roughly 612,000 plastic bottles. to create the structure, the recycled bottles were shredded, melted and then injected with a gas to create a plastic foam that is much more resilient than traditional building materials.