how to build a double gate out of wood on a slope

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glue and insert your 2×6 cross section over top of the panels and nudge into place get as snug a fit as you can. use another pipe clamp to hold loosely in place. for the upper window section of your garden gate, the spacing is entirely up to you. the building plans call for 3-inch boards spaced 5 7/8 inches apart.

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tips for installing a gate on a slope. posted july,2011 category: fencing tips. first off, if you can avoid installing a gate on a slope, do it. installing a gate on a hillside presents quite a few challenges and if it can be avoided try to install the gate in a flat area with as little slope as possible.

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measure the width of the gate opening. subtract 1 1/2 inches for clearance for the gate latches. determine how tall you want to make the gate. allow 1 to 2 inches below the gate for clearance.

how to install a wood gate on a slope

this shows a single gate, but a double gate is similar. the wider the gate opening the more severe the problem. each option is explained below and there could be slight variations of these, including staggering the top of a double swing gate. a: let the top and bottom of the fence and gate follow the slope. this is my favorite on steep slopes or for long slopes, where option e is not possible.

building a strong wooden double gate

this video shows how to build and install a simple, yet strong wooden gate. no exotic joinery or tools are needed, rather just normal deck 2x4's, and lag bolts. this is my first video with my new

double gate latches

a primer on gate hardware for double gates what exactly do you need? with double gates wood or metal there are additional considerations to keep in mind with regard to gate hardware.weve written a discussion of each part to help you make the right decision for your project.

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attach the gate latch to one of the gates using the fasteners from its assembly kit. align the latch gate with the other gate. attach the catch side of the latch to the second gate.

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a wood or wooden double garden gate fence entrance with one side uneven due to sloping up because of a lawn. how to build double garden gate, slope one side, cedar treated wood make double

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measure the width of each of the gates. cut two 2-by-4s to the width of each of the gates. theses are for the horizontal supports for the gates. apply a strip of construction adhesive to each of the 2-by-4s. use a caulk gun for this. attach a board 9 inches from the top and bottom of each gate. make sure is it is perpendicular to the 2-by-6s.

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step 5. stand the gate upright, with a 1-inch thick wood spacer under each end between the posts. position the hinges and bore pilot holes through the horizontal rails of the panel on the downhill side of the opening. bolt the hinges to the fence and remove the spacer. test the swing of the gate to be sure it clears.

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step 8: build the gate the gate was made by first creating an external frame of 2x4s that were screwed together with exterior screws installed through pre-drilled and countersunk holes. a diagonal cross brace was then added.

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once the fence is built there should of been enough time for the concrete to set. the gate posts should have no problems supporting the weight of the gate now. of you opt not to use concrete make sure you really compact the dirt around the posts well or the posts will work the hole and become loose. one more tip.

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using the cordless drill and the latches' included screws, screw the top and bottom slide barrel bolts in place on the gate. screw their receiving sections on the door frame. mount the flip latch in a fashion similar to the barrel bolt latches. place the flip latch at the center, between the two barrel bolt latches.

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mark and cut the top of your gate to height. if you want your gate to be invisible look just like part of the fence, with hinges and latches on the inside make sure you precut a few inches off the bottom of your pickets or panel before you build the gate. this allows enough swing room at the bottom of the gate to deal with terrain challenges.

detailed look at how to build a double wood gate.

detailed look at how to build a double wood gate using gforce or infinity hinges with answers to some of your questions from eric

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attach a 1×4 gate stop to the fixed gate, leaving a 1-in. overhang. finish by installing the rest of the hardware. if you choose double gates, its best to fix one side and leave a people side that opens for everyday pedestrian traffic.

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step 2. measure and cut two of the 2-inch by 4-inch boards so that they measure the intended height of the gate. then measure and cut two more pieces that measure 4 inches shorter than the intended width of the gate, so that you can nail these pieces along between the ends of the two height boards.