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leaking pontoon house boats - how to find and repair a leak?

leaking pontoon by: anonymous with the pontoon still in the water, drill a hole in rear of pontoon and inserted an air valve, drill a hole in the front and insert a hose and water pump. run the air compressor and than pump until all water had been removed. loaded boat on trailer and remove from lake.

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pontoon boat leak in bow front rake of sponson /log. material is probably 5052 h32 aluminum. three small leaks are being roughed up to prepare for epoxy bond

boating tips: how to plug screw holes below the waterline

boating tips: how to plug screw holes below the waterline in a boat. this method of plugging old screw holes is effective, and will save you from a trip to the repair shop.

repairing a runabout floor or pontoon deck - epoxyworks

3. coat the back side with two or three coats of epoxy before reinstalling, to prevent moisture from penetrating the bottom of the new floor. it is also very important to completely seal the edges of the plywood and the fastener holes. sealing the edges of the plywood is especially important at the edges of a deck on a pontoon boat.

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how to seal plywood flooring? discussion in 'wooden boat building and restoration' started by every cutout, notch, hole, etc., needs to have a minimum of 10 mils of epoxy on it, especially the end grain and screw or bolt holes. i took par's and gonzos (and others) sealing advice almost a decade ago when i did an extensive restoration on