attach stringers to concrete wall with chemical anchor

installing steel stair stringers

bob helps anchor the new modular installer juan gonsalves shows bob how to install steel stair stringers. the stringers mount directly to the foundation's concrete wall and simplify the stairbuilding process. this project follows an urban renewal story, involving grass-roots activism

how to attach wood to a concrete block ehow

step 2. drill a hole into the wooden board near the end with a masonry drill. continue drilling strht down through the board and into the concrete. as you drill, pull the bit out every few seconds with the drill still spinning to empty out the wood and concrete dust.

construction concerns: anchors in concrete and masonry

plastic anchors photo 2 k were developed in the 1950s for use with screws and nails, for holding light loads in concrete, masonry, plaster, and drywall board. these are corrosion-resistant and

ledger board attachment to a solid concrete foundation wall

ledger board attachment to a solid concrete foundation wall when attaching a ledger board to a masonry wall, you will want to first cut the ledger board to size and have two helpers hold it in place so you can drill two holes every 12 through the wood where your bolts will be installed.

how can you attach those stair steps to cement blocks

there are concrete block anchors that can hold substantial loads, but only if located within a specific area of solid grouted cells. anchors into hollow cells cannot hold much weight. assuming you have a mix of hollow and solid cells, you can't reliably anchor each tread where it occurs, but you could anchor a continuous stringer plate to the wall, anchored where it crosses solid cells.

ledger board attachment to a solid concrete foundation wall

then, just line up the board to the holes in the brick, and screw in the fasteners. when attaching to solid masonry, you will have to install expansion anchors with a minimum diameter of ½ and set into the wall at least 2 ½. hollow concrete block can easily break when drilled

construction concerns: anchors in concrete and masonry

learn more about the properties of various anchors used to attach something to concrete, masonry, and plastered walls or ceilings and how they may affect fire operations.

how to anchor wood stairs to concrete hunker

how to anchor wood stairs to concrete by chris deziel save; in order for a wooden stairway to be safe, the stringers support boards should be securely fastened to both the upper and lower floors. when the lower floor is made of concrete, you will need a special fastener to attach the wood to it unless one has already been embedded for this

how to fasten an interior wall to concrete better homes

masonry screws are an easy solution to concrete fastening chores. when you buy the screws, you'll also need to get a special bit that makes a pilot hole matched to the fastener. drill at least 1/4 inch deeper into the concrete than the fastener's embedment, and suck dust out of the hole with a shop vac.

how to connect stair stringers to concrete ehow

place the stringer against the adjustable hanger that is screwed into the concrete. fasten the adjustable hanger to the stair stringer's bottom face, using 10d, 16d or 1-1/2-inch screw connectors; one fastener should be placed through each predrilled hole at the bottom and side tabs of the adjustable hanger.

how to anchor deck stairs to concrete

how to anchor deck stairs to concrete stair stringers should always land on a level and well-drained surface. if you are landing on a concrete pad or a patio, this should not be a problem.

how to connect stair stringers to concrete

before you connect the stringers to the concrete, you will need to attach them to the skirt of the stairway. attach the stringers using metal hangers or framing straps. use heavy screws in this attachment. step 3 - attach stringers to concrete. concrete is either the base underneath the stringer or it may also be a concrete footing that you

how to attach metal to concrete without screws or glue

attach a concrete drill bit into a hammer drill. use a concrete drill bit the size of the concrete anchor. place a piece of painter's tape on the drill bit to indicate the depth of the concrete anchor, the thickness of the metal and an additional 3/8 inch.

chemical anchor

red head wedge anchors are heavy-duty zinc-plated steel red head wedge anchors are heavy-duty zinc-plated steel anchors designed for fastening applications in solid concrete. they are ideal for attaching 2x4 sill plates and electrical equipment.

how to connect stair stringers to concrete ehow

several building manufacturers make hangers that you can use to fasten stair stringers to concrete. these hangers are adjustable to fit most types of wood structured stairs. the hangers are fitted to the back edge of the stringer and then bent to contour to the bottom edge.

a beginner's guide to attaching things to concrete and

learn how to install different types of anchors in concrete and brick, using a hammer drill. strike anchor, concrete screws, drive anchor, and sleeve anchor leah's recommended tools for beginner

how to attach wood stair stringer to concrete and wood

this video will provide you with a few ways to attach your stair stringers to either a concrete floor or a wood framed subfloor and deck. for more information about stair building, visit our

how to fasten a stair rail to concrete home guides sf gate

remove the railing and place it in a safe location while you drill the holes and set the concrete anchors into the staircase. carson. 'how to fasten a stair rail to concrete.' attaching a

best practices for attaching wood to concrete concrete decor

toggle bolts are stronger than nails, with a shear rating between 550 and 1,700 pounds, but theyre not as strong as concrete screws. steel anchor. heavy-duty anchors when fasteners are used to support horizontal beams on vertical surfaces, such as ledgers that support deck framing on the side of a concrete wall, they need to be strong.

how to anchor stairs home guides sf gate

to anchor stairs you must secure the stair stringers in two locations: to the joist or stud wall of the floor or deck above and at the bottom of the stairs. anchoring the how to anchor stairs

how to attach timber to concrete using concrete anchors

the steps to attach timber to concrete using masonry anchors are as follows: step 1: first of all position your timber in place and pre-drill if necessary the hole in the timber where you want the concrete anchor to go.