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a 6-foot tall by 8-foot wide privacy fence panel in whitewood costs about $28. fence posts are usually wood, plastic or metal. wood posts must be pressure treated because they will be partially in the ground and exposed to bugs and wetness.

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an 8' high woven wire deer fence costs between $1.80 and $2.50 per foot to construct. deer fences are a safe way to keep deer off your property, but they need to be very high because deer can jump high.

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with professional installation a rail fence can cost $8-$25 or more a foot, or $900-$3,000 for 100' and $6,800-$21,000 to enclose a square acre, depending on local rates, the number of rails and the terrain sloping properties or those with difficult access will cost more .

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next, subtract the number of gates and the width of each. if you plan to install one single gate 3 feet wide and one double gate 6 feet wide, you would take 109 feet minus 9 feet, equaling 100 feet of fence material. calculate the cost for all fence materials and add them together to get the total cost.

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also known as ranch-style or post-and-rail, a split rail fence with two to four rails costs about $8 to $25 per linear foot, including materials and installation. materials typically run between $3 and $9 per foot. exact price will depend on factors like type of lumber, number of rails, and type of terrain.

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plain silver galvanized steel 3 foot high fence is $75 to $100 per 50 foot roll. at six feet high the same gauge fence is $150 to $200 per 50 foot roll, and at 12 feet it is $350 to $400 for a 50 foot roll. vinyl chain link at 3 foot high goes for $150 to $200 per 50 foot roll ,

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all of our rolls are finished in increments that accommodate a square acre of land. how much fence do i need? just how many rolls of fence do you need to enclose your pasture? this depends on the type of fence youre buying. red brand barbed wire fence and red brand field fence are available in different roll lengths.