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waterproof decking over living spaces high quality and low maintenance. finding ways to make the most out of the living space of our homes continues to be a challenge. now you can take advantage of the outside space of your home on every level. waterproof decking provides an attractive additional living space above or below the deck surface.

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this applies to any deck, but it's essential for a waterproof deck over living space. always check the plans before building; decks should be a minimum of 1 1/2 inches below the level of the interior floor. above-code framing. framing needs to be as beefy as possible. plans may call for 2x8 joists 16 inches on-center, but i'd rather see 2x10s

extreme deck waterproofing system

the thin, low-profile system (50 mils dry/<1/4") is a perfect solution for low threshold applications on exterior balconies, decks or most areas over living spaces. click here to see installation images. uses. use the extreme deck waterproofing system over:

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waterproof decking over living space inquiries. when customers inquire about waterproofing decking over living space they want a dry usable space under their deck, porch, or patio. they want a product that is truly a waterproof deck solution that will give them peace of mind for many years to

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you enter the ship on the promenade deck, giving a fantastic view down the length of the ship. were converted to living spaces. above and below decks of the beautiful queen mary. up next.

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