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connect the 2×2 to the 2×8 using 2 1/2 inch long wood screws and wood glue. the 2×2 board will hold the box spring in place. here is what the headboard and footboard look like prior to finishing with a minwax sealer.

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begin creating the floor frame by marking the floor joist spacing on all of the beams following your building codes. typically this is 16 inches on-center measured from the center of one joist to the center of the next .

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the post size is determined by the load area and the deck height. in this case, the beams are 10 feet apart ledger to beam = 10 feet and the distance between the posts is 12 feet. our load area is 10 x 12 = 120 feet and according to the chart, we need 6-by-6 posts regardless of how high the deck is.

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as i work alone usually i build a deck in small frames. 4x2 at 400 centres with 4x1 tying the ends together. lengths depends on the space within which they are to be fitted, so it will vary between 6 and 12 foot by 4 foot.whatever is an easily lifted and manouvered frame.

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space the deck blocks at 4' to 6' intervals to offer the frame good support. i would not use a frame lighter than 2'x6' lumber. using 2'x4's will lead to a frame that is too springy and may sag under load, such as during those huge parties you will be planning or a heavy winter snow load

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i am installing a decking size 5.4m x 4.2m aprox. i plan to attach the decking to the side of the house by a joist attached to the house. the ground gently slopes away rom the house and so i plan to support the other side of the decking by posts.

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the materials required to frame the 10' x 10' 3048 mm x 3048 mm deck are listed in the table below all wood should be structural or 1 grade pressure treated pint. the list does not contain the materials required for stairs, decking, or railing. this list is for the basic deck frame and structural 6x6 posts.

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post spacing is going to depend on your design, local building codes, the size and length of your beams, and the size of your posts. typical post size is a pressure treated 4×4. post spacing should be even. once you decide the distance, measure from the house for the first row of boards. use added batter boards and string to mark rows of posts.

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the thickness of the deck surface material is also another consideration for joist spacing. since the 10' x 10' deck is designed with 2x6 inch where the actual size is - 1 1/2' x 5 1/2' decking, the joists could be spaced 24' apart provided they still meet the design load requirements .

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decking shall be wood 2x4, 2x6, five quarter board, or wood-plastic composite sizes per the manufacturers specifications. wood decking shall be attached as shown in figure 1 .

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depending upon the height and size, the deck frame for a raised deck will be supported at intervals with joist bearers fixed to sturdy support posts that are concreted into the ground. the decking joist bearers should normally be fixed two per post, and be of dimensions 8x2 200mm x 50mm .