how to figure out how much to charge to install a fence

how do i figure out how much a fence for my backyard would

go to seven trusts and tell them that you need to have a fence installed and you need to have the fence guy go to your house to give an estimate. i think the estimate costs like $30-40, but they should d up a plan for you and maybe even a materials list. after that you can decide if it would be okay to do it yourself or have them do it for you.

how to calculate the lumber requirements for a fence

for example, a fence with four equal sides of 50 feet each has a total length of 200 feet. calculate the number of posts you need. this depends on the post spacing, which in most cases is 8 feet. divide each section by the post spacing to get the number of posts in that section, then add the posts in all sections.

2020 fencing prices fence cost estimator per foot and per

the average cost to install a woven wire fence is $1.48 to $1.85 per foot. woven wire is mainly used on farms and ranches and costs more than barbed wire. woven wire is mainly used on farms and ranches and costs more than barbed wire.

fence post

since my fence buddy got back with me about what to charge before your input, i'll have to send him the consultation fee this time. vinyl guy- yes, i agree that $11.50 would be fine if i were constructing the fence as well, but since it's just for the 13 posts i had to charge a bit more.

how to estimate the cost of a new privacy fence

many diy fence builders forget to account for posts, which are often the most expensive part of the installation. fence posts must be buried at least three feet into the ground and set with concrete, adding to the cost. if youre a determined diyer, we have all the info you need on how to install fences posts that stay put.

anycalculator fence calculator: woven or barbed

use the length calculator to get estimates of fence length. enter values in the length calculator if fence area is reasonably regular. if the fence line is irregular because of boundaries, topography, etc., then enter the value directly under general inputs. click anywhere on the page

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if you're brand new to a wood fence installation, follow the steps below to ensure you buy the correct quantity of all materials: 1. preparation: check with your city so you know exactly where you can and can not install the fence.

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cost to install a fence will normally include: materials and supplies -- in addition to your fencing, basic materials include posts, rails, post caps, and one or more gates as required cleanup -- discuss with your contractor whether removal of your existing fence is included in the cost.

how to estimate the cost of a new privacy fence

while the cost of labor will be higher than doing it on your own, the fence will be installed faster, and youll avoid getting frustrated over a diy job gone wrong. want to install a privacy fence? if youre ready to install a privacy fence around your property, let us know check out the privacy fences we have in stock to get started.