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5 climbing plants that are perfect for texas pergolas

climbing plants like vines and roses lend a lot of charm to an ordinary garden, especially when theyre adorning a pergola, creating a shady garden oasis with lush greenery. here are five classic climbers that thrive in the texas heat but are still cold-hearty enough to survive a few days of freezing temperatures.

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it's called transpiration and plants actually evaporate moisture to cool themselves off. this transpiration effect works like nature's own mist system and can actually cool a patio area by as much as 15 degrees below are my top ten favorite patio cover plants. check your local nursery for these or comparable specimens.

best vines for pergolas and arbors

this beautiful vining plant requires about six hours of daily sunlight to get the greatest number of blooms. plant where clematis can climb up an arbor, pergola, trellis, or fence to give the stems support. a long-held belief is that clematis must be planted with its 'feet in the shade and head in the sun,' but regular water and mulch should be sufficient.

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honeysuckle is a large vine that grows at a rapid rate. you can plant one honeysuckle plant and easily cover your pergola in no time. jasmine jasmine is without a doubt one of the most intense flowers. you can smell its fragrance from far away. if you love flowers with a strong scent,

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this thorny vine is a fast growing plant that does well in both warm and cool climates. it comes in a range of colours including cream, red, purple, orange, or pink, but is only recommended for pergolas that can hold a lot of weight, as a bougainvillea is an extremely heavy plant.

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if you want to cover an arch or pergola with dense, cascading greenery, add vining plants highlighted by their foliage. for example, boston ivy parthenocissus tricuspidata is a fast-growing

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needs moderate water, partial shade and a trellis to climb on. for more information about australian plants and trees, read our january 2004 newsletter. cape honeysuckle tecoma capensis is among the very best climbing plants to use on pergolas and arbors in hot, dry climates. this south african native needs little water to maintain its