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the guard posts will be fastened to the deck with 1/2 inch galvanized bolts with washers and nuts spaced not more than 6 feet apart. simpson strong-tie dtt2z deck tension ties hold down anchors are installed so the post and rail will resist a 200lb load per figures 30 and 31 on page 16 of the georgia prescriptive deck code.

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if the ground is loose and sandy, it will not be strong enough to support the pond walls. sand tends to fall into holes until it reaches a very low angle of repose not desirable for ponds. for loose, sandy soil, create walls from retaining wall block, purchased at any home improvement store.

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deck strength for a hot tub. by dan portland, oregon i have an existing deck that is 16' wide ledger on house and is 12' long i have two 6 x 6 posts at each outside corner. it has double 2 x 12 on each side and then a 2 x 12 joist at 16' oc.

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a new series, brought to you by cottage life, jason lake shows you common mistakes, and easy fixes for building a deck. jason is a contractor, host of decks, docks and gazebos on cottage life tv and

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seaming also works well for solid composite decking, which comes in fewer lengths. if, for example, im building a composite deck, 12- and 20-ft. lengths might be the only options. for a 16-ft.-wide deck, i might seam it to have a 4-ft. sidewalk down the middle for zero waste.

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i put in 6x6 inch green treated posts 15 years ago for my pond deck/gazebo and i can't see any degrading to the post in the water. my holes were about 4 1/2 feet deep. i flared out the bottoms for a bigger foot print foundation and dropped in a half bag of dry concrete. i pounded clay around the posts as i filled the hole using a sledge hammer.

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first, create an above-ground frame for the pond by constructing a basic raised garden bed using pressure treated lumber and raised-bed corner brackets. dont use a flimsy set of raised bed brackets- they will need to be strong to support the outward pressure of water. my pond was built on a slight hill, so 3 sides have stacked 2×6s while the highest side has only one board.

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fish pond construction, brick wall strengths etc. 3 12 24 72. fish pond construction, brick wall strengths etc. bonded to the concrete should be strong enough to contain the additional

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1. choose long-lasting decking. everybody loves the look and aesthetics of a wood deck. if its well cared for and you start with quality, knot-free boards, a wood deck will last a long, long time. that goes for decks made of modern types of treated pine as well as the most expensive redwood and brazilian hardwood, seven trust pronounced ee-pay .

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usually, flushing the troughs with a garden hose is enough, but you need access a strong argument for screwing down the decking. when the gutter needs to be cleaned out, access is easy from the underside of the deck.

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top pond is 1250 litres, bottom pond is 750 litres. both are preformed plastic with a planter tray between 80 litre filter at back of pic dustbin and pre filter in bottom pond. still need a trickle tower for biological filtration and will have to dig up to swap pipe for larger diameter as i want to go gravity fed.

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the decking for this freestanding deck is pressure-treated 4x6 laid at a 45-degree angle to the house. for proper support, the joists must be spaced no more than 12 inches apart. if thicker 2x decking is used, or if the 5/4 decking is run perpendicular to the joists, then the joists could be placed 16 inches apart.

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floating deck over pond. just pondering over the construction of a deck over a pond. the deck is a rectangle and the pond goes under one side and the front edge of the deck. my brain is a bit soggy after a day in the rain but i can't figure how to support the deck in the corner that sits right over the pond.

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the ponds are dry enough that i should be able to drive a tractor and post hole digger to the shore to set the posts a few feet in the ground. should i pour some concrete around them, or will dirt be good enough?

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in 2007, i designed and built an seven trust deck at my fathers house around his pool. this was a project house, and you can see from the first picture that the old deck and fence had to go. the engineering challenge was to sink the deck flush with a new stone retaining wall around the pool and butt it up against the fence.

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many builders recommend installing the hot tub so that its edge is 17-24 inches above the decking. guests can sit on the rim and swing around into the water more easily. for spas located on top of a deck, stairs are in order. no doubt youve seen spas that are flush with deck surfaces an elegant look but one that can prove hazardous.

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re: what thickness seven trust for decking? i havent used 5/4 x6'' seven trust decking in a lot of years we started out with it back 12 years or so but really 1x6'' is plenty strong with the joists on 16'' centers and no overspan. far as long life goes its the same. most often we face fasten sometimes on the high end its t and g material.

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although frost heave is not a problem with most dock footers, i still like to sink the post and concrete about 3 feet into the lake bed. this is usually deep enough to get past the soft muck into soils that can support a load. additionally, this depth helps to give the post some lateral stability.

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m10 or m12 will be plenty strong enough for a deck. make sure you get washers too as those toolstation ones don't look like they come supplied with them. could always opt for these ones if you need around 50 of them not sure how big your deck is, but you'll need 2 per post as these are galvanised.

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deck is about 4 feet off the ground for one section, and 2 feet off the ground for the other section deck is located in texas, so snow is not a concern my concern is that all the information i've found on decks shows people using 6x6 posts as the main supporting structure, with beams on top of those and joists on top of the beams.

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ideally, it should be a flat, smooth surface, preferably a concrete slab or wooden deck. the surface should be strong enough to support the weight of the water of the pond. cut the plywood sheet to size to form the base of the pond. the shape of the plywood base will determine the shape of the pond.

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the structure will include a 5' high elevated deck, that is 6'x4'. the supports for the decking will be 24' center-to-center. reading through load tables, it is recommended to use 2x4 or 2x6 stock as the decking, if one is spanning 24'. to use 5/4' decking, requires 16' or smaller spans.

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re: building a raised pond, queries on strength of walls ect post by casey may 15th, 2012, 8:34 pm the height is a personal preference, i would say at 1m then blocks on their side are strong enough if built properly.

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decks are supposed to remain still, but docks must be built strong enough to shoulder all the extra stress. whereas as a docks building components are much like a deckfloor joists, rim joists and deck boardsthe connective tissue that binds them is heavy-duty stuff.

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open decking is the best in this regard and the perimeter of the deck shouldn't be closed off. if you're concerned about creating a low area that will pond water, construct an ag drain that will connect to the nearby existing drain.