how do you build an attached pergola

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how to build a timber pergola mark a 10-foot square where you will build the pergola, snapping a chalk line on dig one 40-inch-deep hole in the ground at each of the square's four corners by using pour a 2- to 3-inch-deep layer of gravel into the bottom of each hole. hold a level against

how do you build a pergola attached to the house?

how do you build a pergola attached to the house? introduction. pergolas provide shade and a place to hang potted plants over patios and decks. sizing your diy pergola. a diy pergola or arbor only has to support its own weight and the weight ledger board. the ledger board attaches to the house

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another way to attach a pergola to your home is by using a ledger board that you can attach to your homes wall. use galvanized or stainless steel screws to attach it securely to the wall and then run the rafters from the ledger board to the beam on the other side that is supported by the posts placed as normal.

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clear, step-by-step video instructions for building an attached pergola that also shades a patio. build a pergola or arbor to serve as a semi-open patio roof. made of two-by-eight beams, the roof rests on four-by-four posts on one side and attaches to your home on the other.

how to easily attach a pergola to your house

how to attach a pergola. first of all, you have to determine the location where the pergola will be. with this, youll able to locate the exact places where the freestanding posts will go so you can mark on the wall the places exactly opposite to them where the hangers for the attached structures will go too.

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how to build a pergola deciding on size. the first thing you will need to know is how large do you want your pergola. as i said we will work off a 10 x 10 example. the next question we need to answer is will the post be buried in the ground or attached to the concrete. if possible i suggest putting all four in the ground.

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also, you can build it as a freestanding pergola - or attach it to an existing deck or patio. the basic steps for construciton start with raising the posts, then constructing the frames, then fitting the slotted girders together. the mere size of the lumber can be a little intimidating,

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install the rafters. place one end of the rafter into the joist holder. the other end of the rafter should go through hurricane tie so that it sits on top of the beams. a short overhang is best. screw the rafter in place. do this for each rafter.

how to build a pergola attached to the house

first of all, you have to set out the perimeter of the attached pergola. therefore, in order to get the job done like a pro, we recommend you to build several batter boards from 2×4 wooden slats, and to install them as in the image. in addition, you have to use string to adjust the layout of the pergola,

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standing on a ladder, clamp the pergola to the brackets, keeping the back of each purlin a good ¼ inch from the siding. use a combination bit to bore angled pilot holes through the sides of the rafters and into the brackets. use 3½-inch deck screws to fasten the pergola in place.

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if you want roses to spill over an attached pergola, make sure the structure is accessible for pruning and can support the full-grown vine. rambling roses in full bloom add romance to the entrance to this shady pergola.