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composite board is used in a variety of home construction projects, trimming, exterior shutters and other home products. it comes in a variety of colors and types and offers long-lasting protection from wear and tear. it's an ideal material choice due to the many benefits you can leverage. at monument shutters, we use

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shutters can be challenging to clean and dust. composite shutters may show their manufacturing flaws over time. some materials used may not be acceptable to those with health or environmental concerns. composite materials should be painted, not stained as wood shutters can be, as the joints and imperfections may show through.

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3d systems unveils new 3d printer, materials, and software. the new products should be useful in a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, dental, durable goods, and

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3 disruptive stocks for a disrupted market. with "green" decks that are 95 percent made of recycled wood and plastic materials. expense of other composite deck companies and the wood deck

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the green philosophy continues at the graber wood processing plant where recycled sawdust and wood shavings are used to generate the heat required to dry lumber and warm the facility. unlike competitors that outsource parts of their manufacturing process, graber craftsmen hand-craft each wood component that goes into your wood shutters, so

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exterior window shutters. shutterland offers exterior window shutters in three material categories. wood, composite and vinyl shutters have unique characteristics that determine their best use. select the best exterior window shutters. shutterland crafts high-quality exterior window shutters for a wide range of applications.

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distressed to impress sunburst shutters & window fashions offers the first-ever plantation shutter custom hand-crafted from reclaimed wood from barns and buildings across america was hand-picked to be used as high-style interior shutters. graced with beauty from a natural weathering process, every shutter has its own kind of unique style with variations of color throughout the shutter.

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painted exterior shutters. the final, and perhaps the most crucial, step in the manufacturing process of wood and composite exterior shutters is painting. this operation can be completed in the factory before shipping or on-site after receipt of the panels. proper finishing is critical to the ability of composite and wood exterior shutters to