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the following building code requirements are the current

decks and porches adjacent to mobile homes and manufactured homes must be self-supporting and not attached to the structure of the home. note: the manufacturer did not design the home to carry the extra weight of a deck or porch. state manufactured home ordinance, date 07-13-04 . 10.

attaching to a manufactured home

re: attaching to a manufactured home it needs to be attached but the structure should have its own posts for support. the mobile home is supported by piers under the steel frame. the walls of the m home have no support under them. it is just ignorant to hang a structure there, but .

the perfect mobile home porch: everything you need to know

a roof on your porch can have a number of benefits. it shields the deck of the porch and the home from bad weather, and it creates a pleasant shaded area in which to relax. however, it will also come with extra responsibilities. the hud code more on this later has very strict requirements on how to attach the roof of an addition to your

everything you need to know about mobile home steps

related: awesome rv deck design ideas how to build a deck. weight, durability, insect and waterproofing, staining ease, and longevity are all important aspects that must be considered when choosing the wood for your mobile home steps. there are three basic types of decking lumber: treated, cedar, and composite wood.

attaching a new deck to a house: the correct method

with proper flashing, a wood deck will last many years; without it, the deck and the ledger it's attached to will quickly rot. detailed photos in this article show the difference.

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does deck on mobile home need to be attached to home ; does deck on mobile home need to be attached to home. a tour of the intrepid sea, air and space museum pictures hanger deck. the main hanger deck hence the need for the escalator shown earlier . published: august 28, 2014.

can a deck be attached to a manufactured home? yahoo answers

you can build a deck or addition or whatever which sits right up next to the mobile, but it has to be supporting its own weight. you cannot use a ledger board attached to the mobile, for instance, to support one side of the deck as you can with a conventional house. that might or might not be code but it's what the manufacturers recommend.

attaching a deck to a mobile home

attaching a deck to a mobile home. how to build a deck onto a used mobile home - youtube 13 oct 2014 , this how to video shows you the quick process of using the deck landing from another used mobile home and how to efficiently attach it to you, how to build a mobile home deck adding a mobile home deck is a wonderful way to

diy: how to attach a deck to a mobile home for an outdoor

note that you do not have to nail the back end of your deck into the mobile home. this is a freestanding method, so technically the deck will not be attached. next, make a mark on each post thats 3 inches below the threshold of your mobile home door. this mark will come in handy during the next step.

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ive seen some decks built above a couple flat-roofed mobile homes. they are really neat but the decks are not attached to the home structurally, they have their own footers that hold and distribute the entire weight of the deck down to the ground. thanks so much for reading mhl

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attach the deck to the house with lag bolts through the back rim joist into the studs of the house wall for security. railings space the posts no more than 8 feet apart.

how to build a mobile home deck

before you start attaching a deck to your mobile home, thoroughly clean the deck surface as well as the exterior wall. it is critical that both surfaces are free of dirt, mold, grease, wood fragments, and mildew. any decay or rot should be attended to promptly.

how to build a four-step porch for a mobile home hunker

step 1. lay out the 4-by-4 foot area to be the porch with stakes and string. dig four post holes 24 inches deep for the corners of the porch. two of these will be adjacent to the mobile home, but not attached to it. all posts will be inside the 2-by-8 floor joists.

what is a freestanding deck and why would you want one

some freestanding decks are obvious they are standing alone in the yard. but many freestanding decks do not stand alone but are indeed right next to a house. they seem to be attached to the house, and they may be attached superficially. what makes a deck truly freestanding is that it is self-supporting. it does not use the adjacent house for support.

mobile home additions and hud- what are the rules?

rather than structurally attaching a deck to the home, the deck should be built so that its support posts are completely separate from the home. the same goes for any covered patio or porch. garages should be built so that they are not in actual contact with the home, but that a space exists between the two.

mobile home porches

building a porch for a mobile home is like building a deck with a roof see link to porch designs for mobile homes below . the critical factor is ensuring the structure can support a roof, meaning the footings and columns or posts must be sufficient to carrier the weight of the roof and the porch floor as the deck will not be attached to the home itself.

everything you need to know about mobile home steps

recently, i have received a couple of emails asking about mobile home steps and smaller porches or platforms. while we do have a couple of popular articles titled 45 great manufactured home porch designs and 9 beautiful manufactured home porch ideas, they cover larger decks and porches. this article will focus on mobile home steps or stairs with small platforms only.

decks and porches attached to manufactured /mobile homes

decks and porches attached to manufactured /mobile homes want to make sure i did not mis understand the code man i stated that exterior decks and porches can be attached directly to mfg mobile homes if the exterior foundation is built with a footing steel rebar concrete j bolts and framed with studs and top bottom plates just like a house

the perfect mobile home porch: everything you need to know

the width of which should be determined by your foundation as well as how much you want your porch to be raised. usually, this should be consistent with your homes level. accessibility. in most cases, your porch will be raised to the same level as your mobile home.