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exclusive: epa investigates hazmat concerns in south

the environmental protection agency is working to clean up rusting metal drums and other containers leaking hazardous materials on a commercial property. epa investigates hazmat concerns in

list of us cities with the worst air pollution and health

“we don’t really talk about the hidden costs of having worse air,” said robert paine iii, chief of the pulmonary division of university of utah health, and a member of the society that

amid ongoing scrutiny, new travel costs revealed for epa

environmental protection agency administrator scott pruitt spent more than $120,000 in public funds last summer for a trip to italy that included a meeting of g-7 ministers and a private tour of

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dep issues code orange air quality alert for parts of western pennsylvaniathe department of environmental protection has issued a code sponsors and the costs of county employees replacing all

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for that reason, the plan may cost you a bit more. the entire pergola is made of wood and it’s attached to the house. the posts are quite thin but they must have been calculated to sustain the weight of the structure, so there’s no need to worry. the gable part of the pergola adds some extra costs because more wood is needed to create it.

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the state department of environmental protection said the texas-based company is not fixing problems related to the explosion, and piled yet another penalty onto a company project in the state.

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environmental regulation provides protection to society regarding environmental hazards. economists continue to debate the costs and benefits of regulation on businesses.

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public opinion polls rarely make clear what environmental policies will cost. this is the second reason why the problem of environmental regulation is likely to get worse: the costs are focused on the lowest income citizens and are not transparent. hence, it is hard for those parties to mobilize to demand careful scrutiny of environmental policies.

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the two discussed how the agency is working with newark and the new jersey department of environmental protection (njdep) to address newark's water crisis, says cbs news campn reporter jack turman.