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usually there will have the spacing of 1/8 inch gap between the boards. each decking material will have the different movement properties. so sometimes, the gap depends according to the type of material. leaving a huge gap between the deck boards is also not good.

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joists spaced 16 inches on center will take both 5/4 and 2-inch deck boards which are actually 1-1/2 inches thick . however, if your joists are spaced 24 inches on center, or if you plan to lay the deck boards on a diagonal, building codes typically require 2-inch material. purchase boards in lengths that fit

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a common question we get this time of year is, 'what fastener should i use for deck boards?' most contractors will give the short answer: a deck screw. but regional conditions and new decking materials may expand - or narrow - the list of suitable deck fasteners .

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for the deck surface, you can use 2x4s, 2x6s, or 5/4x6s. the 5/4 decking pronounced 'five-quarter' , available in cedar and pressure-treated fir, is 1 inch thick and 5-1/2 inches wide with rounded edges that make for a splinter-free surface. cedar 1x lumber usually has one rough side and one smooth side.

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10 tips for building a diy deck. when you reach the house, you can then rip the final deck board to the required size. since its up against the house, the smaller board is less noticeable. pre-drill : pre-drill surface screw holes to avoid splitting the end of the boards.

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for upper-level decks, 2x10 is recommended as the minimum size to use for strong guard post connections. 2x6 joists should only be used on ground-level decks that do not require, and will not provide for, any guards.

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overall, conventional decking profiles should be installed such that when seasoned, will have gaps between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch. look at the ends of the boards and install the decking 'barkside' up to prevent cupping.

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it may be that you decide to use different coloured decking boards to do this or you could choose to run the boards in a different direction at each end of your deck in order to bring in the length and emphasise the width. you can also use wide boards to bring in the length of a long deck.

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i use a 3/8-inch gap, which is probably wider than most builders use, to allow debris to fall through. the common big leaf maple in particular produces seed pods that will not slip through smaller gaps. kim katwijk is a deck builder from olympia, wash., and a pdb contributing editor. linda katwijk is his co-writer.

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1x stock is fine if you have 16 inch on center joists, and the joists are themselves sized properly. using 2x stock over undersized joists does help make the deck feel more solid. if you have 24 oc joists, i'd definitely stay with the 2x decking.

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plan for about an 1/8-inch gap the diameter of an 8d nail between boards after the deck­ing has dried to its equilibrium moisture content. if the decking is installed wet, as is common with pressure-treated material, it is best to install the boards tight, letting gaps form as the wood dries.

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deck screws: what size to use by doityourself staff. if you are building or fixing your deck, it may be the size of the screw also depends on the grain of wood you are using for your deck. the second board getting the screw is the one you want to take note of.

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we recommend 7 trim head square drive decking screws for either ¾ or 1' thick decking material. these deck screws use a 1 square drive driver to reduce cam out. technique is just as important as the material used the countersink hole should be made slightly deeper into the deck board than the head of the screw.