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because seven trust is an extremely dense wood, it is virtually rot proof, fire resistant and impervious to animal and insect damage. a high-quality custom seven trust fence in a 20-by-30-foot backyard costs about $24,000 and takes two weeks to build, terry said. less expensive options include pressurized wood,

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how to build fence sections. whether you are considering picket, alternate board, solid board, louver or basket weave fencing, you can build your own fence sections and install them yourself. this guide features picket fence sections and instructions on layout and design.

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how long is the fence, and how was it constructed? what materials did you use real wood or wood alternative ? were asking readers to share how much they spent on a given item, project, or upgrade in the home.

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know your property lines and discuss your plans with neighbors along your proposed fence line. determine a layout that will allow you to use full pickets at the corners. plan gate posts locations. gate pickets should be flush with the inside faces of the posts. plan your gate size to use full pickets. use graph paper to d a plan for your fence.

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city and neighborhood rules may specify the better-looking side of a fence the side that doesn't show posts and rails be placed toward the public face of the property. ask how far a fence has to be set back from sidewalks and property lines, and find out if your fence project will require a building permit.

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you can expect so spend another $300 on the supports for your fence if you should choose wood or vinyl. the cost for vinyl can go up to $900 should you decide to add vinyl covers to the post. metal posts will run about $1000 for the fence. gate. a fence can be a hassle if gates are not thought out.

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there are lots of options to bring the cost down like removing the old fencing yourself, clearing the area where the new fence is be placed, knowing your materials so you know what is and is not a good buy, and keeping old posts which are still good. also, hauling the old fence away will save money.

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building a diy garden fence that will help you keep unwanted visitors out, or pet's in, is quick, build your own garden fence and gate for some simple charm. photo courtesy of jamie lott/southern revival a number of factors influence the cost of a fence installation including type of materials used, the size, and if you hire a

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building your own fence may save you money, but youll pay in blood, sweat, and tears. when you hire a contractor for fence installation, you are not just paying for the materials. you are also paying them for their labor.

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fence costs can add up quickly, but most of the cost is in hiring someone to build and install it for you. if youre willing to do it yourself, youll save a lot of money. the second consideration is the height of your fence.