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beautiful (and durable) vinyl & cellular composite siding

exterior design doesn’t happen by itself. that’s why royal building products has high-profile, low-maintenance siding, trim and decking for every kind of home—and the tools and tips you need to make sense of it all. it’s not bragging when it’s true.

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celect cellular composite siding by royal combines gorgeous wood aesthetics with near-zero maintenance: patented interlocking joints keep moisture out and almost completely eliminate seams—so boards stay strht and true as your home expands and contracts; engineered from durable, low-maintenance cellular composite material

royal siding prices vinyl siding prices

royal siding prices. royal siding prices will run somewhere between $3 and $6.50 per square foot installed. this would encompass the royal vinyl siding panels, any and all additional materials and the installation and labor costs. explore additional pricing using our vinyl siding calculators and esitmators.

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there’s a whole other level to siding. it’s called celect cellular composite siding by royal . engineered to elevate your entire home exterior with gorgeous, virtually seamless looks, celect is durable, virtually maintenance free and compatible with any home design.

celect cellular composite siding by royal royal

celect cellular composite siding by royal flat out redefines the siding conversation. it matches wood beautiful for beautiful, puts visible seams into hiding, makes deterioration extinct and renders maintenance obsolete. all while virtually installing itself. plus everyone from architects to entire neighborhoods can’t stop talking about it.