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having the posts that close together will make the pergola look very tall and skinny. so visually, in order to look right, the posts would need to be at least 4 5 ft apart, width-wise. if you require a pergola that is over 7 ft tall, then youd need even more width, to make sure it looked right.

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add flavor to your garden, and make it your own. this outdoor chandelier of candles and hanging plants sets a playful mood and brings the space to life. mix and match a worn wooden table with some antique metal chairs, or march a row of potted plants down a ledge.

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they create additional space for plants: you can add additional garden space in your outdoor area with a pergola. you can hang plants from the boards and create a gorgeous garden in the air. a pergola is also appropriate for plants like clematis, honeysuckle, ivy, wisteria, and grape vines as they grow from the ground up and can create a beautiful natural ceiling as they intertwine themselves in the boards. they give protection and shade from the elements: a pergola can give you a beautiful

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follow these step-by-step garden pergola designs to build a pergola for shade in your yard, your garden or over your deck. how to build a pergola for backyard shade. but you can make the

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some people just enjoy the look of a pergola. if you are one of those people but dont have an uncovered deck or patio to add a pergola to, dont fret. if you have a garage, you can add a pergola over that too. it is a great way to add personality to your home and also give you additional space to grow flowers. build this pergola 37.

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a blanket of purple wisteria on a pergola will make your backyard garden extra pretty, especially in spring. start growing your wisteria from root cuttings or by grafting. wisteria grown from seeds take longer to bloom, or in some cases, never bloom at all.

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prop up the bottom of the arbor with a block or coffee can. using 8d nails, attach the first 40-inch-long roof slat in the middle of a top piece. nail additional slats along one side, spacing slats 6 to 8 inches apart. step back to check that both sides are parallel, then nail roof slats to the second gable.

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as you sit the pergola, it will make you feel comfortable and add a decorative visuality to your garden. if you are going to build a pergola, you must first project it, otherwise it will be a makeshift pergola.

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top tip - hard surfaces post supports let you put up a pergola or another garden structure on your concrete terrace or patio. use a hammer-action drill and screw them firmly in place with expanding masonry bolts. . step 1 lay the three upright posts for one side of your pergola on the ground.

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if adding spacers to the back of your trellis, secure them to each of the four corners as well as a few in the center. if adding spacers to the front of your trellis, then place them wherever you think you may need them. use your drill and a screw or two to secure your spacers. hang your trellis.

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after you have built the crossbeams, you should drill two pilot holes, just trough the notches. next, you have to insert several 6 screws trough the pilot holes in the support beams, at both ends. make sure you align the shade elements perfectly, before inserting the screws, otherwise your pergola wont have a neat look.