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prices can usually be broken down into the following sub-sections: hiring a stainless steel, or aluminium: £40 to £75 per square metre. zinc or copper: £85 to get-prices

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corrugated steel and ribbed r metal panels with exposed fasteners g-60 and g-90 steel : $5.50 to $7.50 per sq. ft. or $550 to $750 per square 100 square feet fully installed. 2. metal shingles and shakes g-90 steel or aluminum : $7.50 to $12.50 per sq. ft. or $750 to $1,250 per square 100 square feet fully installed.

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re: slab on metal decking terre: describe that metal decking you are pouring your concrete over. $75/square sounds pretty reasonable to me if it's what i have seen used for 'pan pours'. hell, i pay that for 24 gauge galvalume metal roofing material. and what is the design of your concrete mix for that slab? cx

2020 metal and steel stud framing costs per linear and sq ft

though metal studs currently run in the $2 to $4 per square foot range, steel prices fluctuate over time causing material costs to rise or fall. regardless of the steel market, labor remains relatively stable at about $5 to $10 per square foot.

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around $350 per square metre for composite decking. although the initial cost is slightly higher than timber, composite decking will last longer so you wont be replacing it as often. around $450 per square metre for aluminium decking.

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per square metre, expect to pay about: $18 for basic corrugated steel more suitable for a shed than a house $21.50 for powder-coated colorbond the most popular choice

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kinds of steel decking. manufacturers have several design when it comes to steel decking, each with their own technical specifications. in terms of their span, their effective coverages are 972 mm , 257 mm and 51 mm respectively.

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as a very rough price guide, an installed louvred roof costs around $1,000 per square metre. if you want the remote-controlled version, budget on $1500 per square metre. lighting design and outdoor sound systems

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the ability to accurately and consistently calculate the cost per square meter of a given space has many applications. you can use this handy cost per square meter calculator to make sure you always have the information you need exactly when you need it, all with a couple clicks of your mouse.

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the overall cost of a bluestone patio ranges between $10 and $25 per square foot if you hire a pro . the cost of bluestone ranges between $4 and $8 per square foot materials only . the two types of bluestone to choose from are:

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flat roof prices start from £40 per m2 for felt roofs. rubber roofs costs start from £80 per m2. for fibreglass expect to pay from £90 per m2 and for fire glass bay roof from £250 per square metre. lead bay roofs are even more expensive starting from £300 per m2.

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the price of $200 per square metre is an average cost estimate for roofs made of timber and colorbond or polycarbonate. for instance, 30m2 of roof decking costs $1,000 to 3,900 to install, depending on the material you choose. the average price to build a deck with a roof will vary based on a number of factors including the roof type and size.

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for example, when comparing the cost per square metre of three popular cladding choices, we found very little difference between each one. good quality timber weatherboards can cost anything between nzd$170-$180 per square metre, while fibre-cement and upvc alternatives can range between nzd$150-$160 per square metre.

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these usually cost from £14 per square metre, supply-only. seven trust Seven Trust this type of decking typically costs around £90 per square metre, supply-only. how we sourced our prices. the prices you see displayed in our tables on this page are all based on real quotes and estimates from businesses operating in the uk.