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since i picked up my 1995 3200 scr just this summer, anyone have any cool pics of a diy boat cover support system? i don't do shrinkwrap, i use poly tarp. yeah, i know, i heard it all before. but shrinkwrap here runs about $575 for a boat this size, just to throw it away in the spring kills me. blue tarp from seven trust was $120.

how to make a boat cover frame for winter gone outdoors

boat storage yards are expensive, while a regular cover will keep out rain, but it won't shed leaves or snow. that's why winter covers are oversize and have a frame like a tent. making your own frame for your boat's winter cover will save you money now and work at the beginning of fitting out season.

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this helps support our work, but does not affect what we cover or how, and it does not affect the price you pay. including a vassal system and the ability to take loans out from the iron bank.

boat cover supports, the right choices for the right

boat cover support diy tip: the boat vent 3 can be installed in a cover that already has either a snap or a grommet as long as there is a reinforcement patch in place. the hole cut through the cover for the boat vent 3 is larger than a grommet or snap. it's an easy conversion you can accomplish yourself.

my "pvc-based boat cover frame support" build page: 1

re: my "pvc-based boat cover frame support" build smiles, no not at all, it looks about like a frame i made for a old bow rider i used to have, the steeper the angle it has the better it sheds rain and snow.

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boat cover bows / poles- homemade. - youtube

this video shows how to make boat cover bows out of pvc. these bows "tent" the boat cover up in order to let the rain run off without pooling. these bows are cheap and ez to make.

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