ideas to hide supporting wall

how to cover a support pole in the basement

whatever you want to call them, it will do the trick. the big box stores carry a variety of inexpensive pole covers from faux wood to paint ready smooth covers. smaller speciality stores also carry more upscale type of covers. support cover can be painted to cover and hide the ugly support beams.

36 genius ways to hide the eyesores in your home

use a stenciled pegboard to cover up an ugly wall. in this situation, there were pipes on the wall so wallpaper or tiles weren't an option. the pegboard also maximized storage because she was able to hang shelves easily.

clever design ideas to hide the toilet

put simply, its all about clever design. installing an interesting bath, vanity, feature wall or shower, or championing an outside view, can help make the toilet practically disappear from the foreground. it will still be there but wont be what you remember when you depart from the space. lets take a closer look.

6 ideas for hiding unsightly support columns

shelving is one of the most popular methods for hiding support columns because it adds storage space to the room. you can even build a shelf and cabinet unit that revolves around the column which it conceals to add a nice flair. 4. custom shelving. consider building a custom bookcase that runs between two columns, or from the column to a wall.

load bearing wall ideas

interior: half wall room divider ideas brilliant home designs insight unique interior for 4 from half wall room divider ideas central and open dining room; the room divider. keeps the space grand while adding cozy charm divider with bookshelf idea versus existing pillar archway between kitchen and den the room divider.

6 ways to dress up walls without paint

in this example, blogger agnes hammar has found a way to hide nasty stains and nicks on a rental apartment's wall by using diy peel and stick 'confetti'self-adhesive stickers that create a collage of different colors and shapes that make the occasional wall flaw look like part of the plan.

21 ingenious ways to hide the mess and the eyesores in

so hide it in a box. its a very simple solution. found on sweetsanitydesigns . you could also make a book cover disguise for the router. take an old book or a book with a cover you really like and cut out the pages inside it. then use the cover to disguise the router.

13 genius ways to hide an ugly ac unit

so, as they say, if you can't beat 'em, dress 'em up ok, no one says thatbut they should . luckily, there are plenty of clever ways to cover an ac unit and add instant curb appeal. check out some of our favorite diy ideas for ac unit enclosures, walls, and screens below.

15 clever ways to hide your electrical outlets

hide your cord and electrical outlets inside a cute wicker basket and place it under a desk or tv stand. organize all the cord underneath your tv console neatly together; tie them together with zip cords, then use a wall-mount surge protector to plug in multiple electronics at a time.

24 clever ways to hide an ac unit indoors and out

3. lattice vine wall. a wall of morning glories is a fabulous way to hide air conditioning units while also maintaining air flow. just dont put the flowers too close the unit the condenser is the part of your ac that releases heat, so keep it at least a couple of feet away from the plants .

decorative ways to hide a load-bearing ceiling beam home

a drywall cover makes the beam virtually disappear into the ceiling, making it look more like a soffit than a beam. secure the drywall directly to the beam, tape and cover all the nails and corners. add texture with drywall mud to match the ceilings and walls. when dry, paint the beam to match the ceilings and walls.

11 brilliant ideas to hide your home;s eyesores hometalk

hide your home's eyesores with these 11 brilliant ideas. youre totally going to want to try the last one. the eyesore: a big electric box by the door. this electric box was all they could look at every time they walked by their font door. the fix: an extra fence panel. paint it white and cut it to fit around the box.

how to hide household eyesores

tap these genius ideas for camouflaging ugly air vents, television cords, and more. 15 sneaky ways to hide household eyesores and outlets that stick out like sore thumbs blend into the

42 ingeniously easy ways to hide the ugly stuff

use a stenciled pegboard to cover up an ugly wall. in this situation, there were pipes on the wall so wallpaper or tiles weren't an option. the pegboard also maximized storage because she was able to hang shelves easily.

how to hide structural columns in your kitchen extension

again, rather than trying to hide it, give your pillar a different finish to give it status as a focal point. in this sleek, modern kitchen, exposed brick has been used for the support, adding warmth and texture to the space. you could also consider using mosaic tiles, slate or stone and they dont have to be real

7 stylish ways to work with a mirrored wall and make it look

2 another way to hide a mirrored wall is to cover light panels of plywood or mdf with fabric or wallpaper and hang them over the mirrors. make sure the panels overhang enough to allow for space to attach them to the wall. this solutions only works if there is space around the mirrors to secure the panels. seven trusts creative ideas. 3 instead of

13 creative ways to make exposed pipes chic in any room

instead of trying to figure out how to hide exposed pipes, show them off with these 13 creative ways to make exposed pipes chic in any room. ceiling pipes, plumbing lines, air ducts, and electrical pipes they are important for the appropriate functioning of the power, heating, cooling, and drainage systems in our homes.

27 best diy floating shelf ideas and designs for 2020

floating shelves get the job done, look more modern, and take up minimal space. all you need to get started with this diy project is a free wall, some diy floating shelf ideas, and the minimal tools required. floating shelves can be as simple as a piece of beautifully stained wood that hangs on your wall and appears to float.

hide basement support columns how to cover basement poles

the two best ways to hide support columns are: hide them inside of your walls; work them into a half-wall design; worst way to hide a support column my opinion : box it out build directly around it this just ds more attention to the eye sore working them into a wall totally hides them away and you would never even know they existed it you hadnt hidden it yourself

exposed 10 tips for showing off ducts, pipes, beams and more

interior design; exposed 10 tips for showing off ducts, pipes, beams and more pipes. beams. ductwork. these things are generally hidden in our homes behind walls, in ceilings, and within soffits.

how to decorate walls

interior design; 9 diy ways to redo your wallwithout paint the walls of our homes have the power to speak volumes about our lives. filled walls produce a lived-in look packed with personality

how to hide ugly basement poles inside a wall or pillar

hide the pole in a wall hide the post in a wall-pillar we cant simply just remove these poles, so we have to think creatively about them when we are designing our new basement spaces.

12 unusual wall covering options

and if not paint, then wallpaper is the covering of choice in most other walls. and that's a fine choice as well because wallpaper is a great way to introduce pattern and texture into wall surfaces. but what if you're interested in wall covering ideas besides the obvious? read further for some inventive ways to cover a wall.

how to decorate walls

mimic the look of this custom-printed wallpaper by design your wall by decoupaging your own old blueprints on the walls of a small space. related: 7 classic decoupage projects for the home hsh

10 innovative ideas for hiding ugly walls

sometimes it just takes a bit of creativity to cover up a few small cracks and stains. in this beautifully designed veranda, the use of mirrors, bead curtains and wall hangings to hide ugly spots adds a rustic ambiance.