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topping. where indicated in spancrete hollowcore plank or double tee load tables, a 2 inch thick, 4000 psi bonded structural concrete topping has been included as part of the structural element for calculation of load capacity. the topping thickness is measured at midspan of the piece.

hollow-core slabs with cast-in-place concrete toppings: a

mately 30 ft 9 m . more recently, hollow-core slabs with depths as great as 16 in. 410 mm have become available and are capable of spanning more than 50 ft 15 m . in practice, a concrete topping layer is often cast in place onto the top surface of hollow-core slabs to create a contin-uous level finished surface. the topping layer is typically


slab section and material properties 305 x 1220 aggregate in concrete mix korolath bearing pads placed at plank bearing ends precast-prestress hollowcore slabs prestress low relaxation strand reinforcing contains precast product shipping used within 100 miles of quarry location 10% - 60% post consumer recycled content

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our building sturcture has some precast-prestressed hollowcore floor slabs. on top of the hollowcore slabs, a 2 in topping slab is placed to finish it off. the mix design of the topping is the same as the interior slabs on grade 3/4' aggregate w/ min. strenght of 3500psi, but 28-day breaks have been 4000 typically .

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a customised topping machine has been developed for this purpose. the production process is as follows: a standard slipformer or a wall panel slipformer lays the bottom structure in a first production run = a pre-stressed hollow core slab of grey concrete

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preparation for topping typically, composite topping slabs are placed over the grouted hollowcore precast slabs. the aci 1996 standard provides guidelines on pages 302.1r22 through 302.1r24, sections 7.10 and 7.7.2 for such work. below is a brief summary of the aci standard.

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the measured shear cracking and ultimate shear strength can be approximated reasonably by conventional prediction methods for monolithic reinforced concrete with the use of effective web width at hollows in the precast elements and full width of the topping concrete, respectively.

experimental study on the shear behaviour of precast

in typical precast construction practice of floor slabs using precast concrete hollow core unit hcu , in-situ concrete is cast on top of the hcu to obtain smooth and even floor finish. the surface of the hcu is seldom given proper treatment prior to casting the concrete topping.

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spancrete hollowcore precast concrete planks and slabs are fire resistant, reduce weight and costs. learn more and see projects with hollowcore slabs.

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hollowcore composite floors. our precast hollowcore composite combines hollowcore slab with a composite structural concrete topping. ideal for applications where enhanced structural performance and lateral load distribution is required, such as in industrial buildings, and multi-storey buildings and car parks.

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nicore plank camber and topping thickness. it is common for precast, prestressed hollow-core slabs to exhibit camber i.e.: upward deflection , and nicore planks from nitterhouse concrete products, inc. ncp are no different.

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as a structural topping over hollow core slabs, generally all that is required is that the surface be clean. if not clean and free of laitance, high pressure water cleaning is the best method. give the surface time to dry before placing the topping.

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surface condition ponded and optimum wet on the bending capacity of precast prestressed hollow core slabs with in-situ concrete toppings by a series of full-scale experimental tests. interface slip was also measured throughout the test to observe the composite behaviour of the test specimens.

hollow-core slabs with cast-in-place concrete toppings: a

precast concrete hollow-core slabs are often constructed with a cast-in-place concrete topping on site. common construction practice includes applying cementitious grout between hollow-core units

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tural topping can increase that up to a 4-hour rating. e fficiency. run the numbers and estimate your next project in old-castle precast hollowcore plank. sav-ings in cost and time will keep your project on time and under budget. hollowcore is the most versatile of all oldcastle precast concrete products hollowcore

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concrete toppings on precast concrete must be tested for moisture as for ordinary concrete floor slabs. structural topping thicknesses vary with a minimum of 2 to 2 1/2 depending on code requirements. structural topping must be bonded to the planks, continuous from support to support uninterrupted by walls or expansion joints. precast

hollow-core slabs with cast-in-place concrete toppings: a

precast concrete hollow-core slabs are often constructed with a cast-in-place concrete topping on site. common construction practice includes applying cementitious grout between hollow-core units as a bonding agent. the cast-in-place concrete topping may contribute to the strength and stiffness of the hollow-core slabs if composite action is

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it's also possible that the crack was caused by differences in elevation of the adjacent hollowcore members. when a topping slab is used over precast members, aci 117-90, 'standard specifications for tolerances for concrete construction and materials,' allows up to a 3/4-inch offset of top surfaces of adjacent elements in an erected position.

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most hollow core precast concrete plank with concrete topping can achieve a one-hour rating according to nfpa 251, methods of tests of fire resistance of building construction and materials astm

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precast concrete units with reinforced concrete topping. precast units include hollow-core slabs, solid slabs, a system of precast concrete joists with timber or hollow masonry infill, and double-tee units. concrete floor system macedonian joists found in albania. polystyrene or similar insulation blocks between concrete joists.

structural topping thickness to precast planks

structural topping thickness to precast planks. precast composite floors require a concrete topping for structural purposes, levelling purposes and a finished surface. usually steel fabric reinforcement mesh will be required in the concrete topping. the structural dings will state a minimum thickness for the concrete topping, perhaps 40mm.

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