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the developing water shortage crisis in the u.s. has prompted many homeowners to turn to low-maintenance lawn alternatives. and there are plenty of options — everything from red clover as an eco-friendly lawn alternative and managed meadows to ornamental grasses and flower beds, all sharing sustainability as a common denominator.

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in other words, it is the creative alternative to grass. gardening contributor charlie dimmock visits new york city to talk about it on the early show. but first she takes us to the royal

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natural grass lawns adorn front yards and backyards across the nation, but the cost, maintenance and water requirements for these high-maintenance landscaping features have many homeowners on the hunt for lawn alternatives that are better for the planet and their bank account.

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it needs mowing, it needs water, it wants fertilizer, many types don’t like shade — it’s pretty picky stuff. it takes a lot of work, water, and fertilizer to keep a lawn looking good. fortunately, there are any number of lawn alternatives that require less work and less water, and many demand far less in fertilizer.

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next time you are thinking of getting out the lawn mower, consider the alternative. buy a mix of native wildflower seeds selected for your environment and replace your lawn with them.

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sal and tom manera grew up working along side their father, learning the landscaping and concrete trades. using the knowledge handed down from father to sons, sal and tom have spent three decades

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alternatives to grass mondo grass. from david morello on ‘houzz‘, this is a great example of an easy lawn alternative. in this front yard landscape they used a stone pathway, and surrounded it with a mass planting of mondo grass.

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things to make you happy: google employs goats. in order to be more eco-friendly, google trims some of its fields with hungry goats instead of lawn mowers that pollute the air.

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synthetic grass, also known as artificial grass or turf, is viable as an alternative to grass lawns. the material has the same look and texture as natural grass. three types to consider include nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene. the amount of traffic the lawn receives will help determine the type of material best suited for your home.

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realtime landscaping pro 2013 includes more than 11,000 objects, including 5,000 high quality plants and 3,000 accessories, such as lawn furniture and swimming pool equipment.