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domi outdoor living patio deck tiles, 12 x 12 inches composite interlocking decking tile, four slat plastic outdoor flooring, 9 pieces one pack, dark grey. 5% coupon applied.

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the durability of ceramic tile is rated between 1-5 on the pei scale. this scale was developed by the porcelain enamel institute and is used for gauging tile hardness and scratch resistance. if youre shopping for ceramic floor tiles, look for a rating of 3 or higher. tile with a rating of 1 or 2 is better suited for wall applications.

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outdoor porcelain pavers are similar to indoor porcelain tiles, only thicker and more durable. they are frost-resistant, skid-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean. combined with incredibly high breakage loads up to 2,000 pounds , porcelain pavers are the perfect solution for gardens, terraces and high traffic outdoor areas.

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hi all, i am doing 800 sq.ft of outdoor deck with porcelain. deck is made on 10ft 6x6 with 2x10 joists 12ft and has presently 5/8 waterbond t and g ply with a exterior roofing vinyl glued to it. it

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ms international mediterranean walnut 16 in. x 24 ms international mediterranean walnut 16 in. x 24 in. tumbled travertine pavers are natural stone that add timeless tuscan beauty into your patio or walkway. ideal for indoor or outdoor applications these natural stone pavers are durable and have various shades of tan that create a subtle visual interest.

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porcelain bears a perception of high quality, but for residential applications, its particular toughness is unnecessary. 'porcelain is designed for, say, airports,' says dave gobis, executive director of the ceramic tile education foundation. 'plain ceramic tile is all you need for residential uses.

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finally, the tile the owners chose a porcelain tile that they wanted installed in a pinwheel pattern. this pattern requires two different sizes of square tiles; usually but not always one tile is twice as big as the other. in this case, the large tile was 11 3/4 inches square and the small tile was 5 3/4 inches square.

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tile flooring comes as either porcelain or ceramic. the two types of the flooring differ concerning price, durability, and more. here are highlights of the characteristics as well as the differences between the two. porcelain repels water better than ceramic, which makes it ideal for areas that are highly damp.

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the collection includes not only wood-like floor tile but also simulated stone and wall tiles both in porcelain and ceramic. the tesoro collection is enormous. there are more than three dozen options for wood-look tile alone.

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with wood finish porcelain tiles, for example, you gain the perfect look of a wood deck without ever having to worry about termites. and it goes without saying that porcelain pavers are fireproof, so if your home is anywhere near potential wildfires, your deck or patio will be safe from burning.

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in high traffic areas, porcelain floor tile is an excellent choice and will out perform other tiles in both long-term appearance and durability. some porcelain floor tile is made to look like stone, and while it might hold up just as well, it will cost less. porcelain tile maintenance. cleaning porcelain tile is a breeze.

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a square foot of porcelain costs from $4 to $12, compared to that of ceramic tile where prices range from $2 to $8 a square foot. porcelain tile can stand up to temperature variations better. as a result, you can install it in outdoor places such as patios. it would not be prone to cracking as ceramic tile would.

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porcelain tile achieves this by using clays with finer particles fired at a higher temperature, which creates a harder, less porous surface than can be achieved by standard ceramic tiles this inherent versatility gives ceramic tile the ability to provide a number of benefits as a flooring, such as durability and design flexibility.

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porcelain pavers, until recently, have mostly been used for traditional interior tiling purposes on both floors and walls. but with advances in manufacturing techniques and new landmark frontier technology, it is now possible to make porcelain pavers and tiles in a much greater thickness and size, enabling these pavers to be used for exterior structural paving applications.

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x 36 in. porcelain tile features warm rich browns and beiges that recreate the knots grains and character of fine natural hardwood. this matte finished wood look tile plank is ideal for a number of residential and commercial projects.

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actually a subtype of ceramic tile, porcelain is 'the most popular tile going now,' says daniel dixon, a california-based tile construction expert. but don't be too quick to jump on the bandwagon. porcelain bears a perception of high quality, but for residential applications, its particular toughness is unnecessary.