how to build wood pergola

build a pergola better homes and gardens

building a backyard pergola attached to the house or a freestanding pergola can be done in two or three weekends. pergola materials are also fairly inexpensive. both open and covered pergolas provide a beautiful setting for backyard barbecues, fire pits, hot tubs, and more.

how to build a diy pergola

simple keys to building a diy pergola. for those interested, we do have the step by step plans in our etsy store. even after all of these years, it remains our most downloaded plan. see : diy pergola plans. start with a strong and secure base our very first pergola, still going strong at the farm. a strong and secure base is the single most important key to a long-lasting diy pergola. stay away from 4 x 4 posts.

how to build a modern pergola

first, you arent wasting multiple feet of your expensive pergola post lumber by shoving it 4-6 into the ground, which gives you better height options for your pergola overall and/or a less expensive project. second, installing steel brackets makes the actual installation of the pergola posts

how to build a rustic pergola

in the end of the joining log, mill out wood at top and bottom to make a mortise to fit into and fill the slot, 2 inches thick, an inch or more high and full across the face of the log.

how to build a pergola

prep the area. select the site for the pergola. measure an area that is 8- x 8-feet square. use spray paint to mark the area. if you want a pergola thats smaller or larger, adjust the sizing as needed. use a post-hole digger to dig a hole 24 inches deep by 9 inches wide at each corner of the

how to build a pergola

this pergola takes full advantage of 8-foot-length boards, resulting in very little wasted wood. however, you can change the proportions of the pergola in any way you choose. for example, you can create a long, narrow walkway pergola by cutting the upper two-by-sixes in half, thus halving the pergola's width.

how to build a pergola

make sure the post material is rated for ground contact. to integrate a pergola into the existing landscape, theyre usually built square to the house or the nearest structure. lay out the post locations with stakes and string using the 3-4-5 method to ensure square corners.