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whether youre building a new house or a commercial space, external timber cladding cant be beaten for stylish street appeal. in-built durability. exterior wood cladding offers protection and durability to ensure the long-lasting quality of your build. choice of timber. our weatherboard cladding comes in a variety of species; design


cladding materials and skills needed for building and installation of traditional claddings have changed over the years. the conditions for building new timber-clad buildings have also changed over the years. sites that would have earlier been avoided are now being built, and buildings are also larger and more complex.

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timber cladding provides a wealth of design opportunities for homes and buildings. as a material, nothing compares to its diversity in how it can be used to contribute to building designs. not only does it provide economic and environmental benefits, but it also provides a durable, sustainable and versatile solution for buildings of any size.

should timber cladding be fire retardant treated? timber

depending on its situation, uk building regulations may stipulate that timber cladding is protected with a suitable fire retardant product. this can be when a boundary falls within one metre of the edge of the building or where cladding is used on multi-story buildings.

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also known as featheredge cladding, it is a type of cladding that involves the use of external cladding boards of timber. weatherboard cladding is available in different colours and textures and adds a touch of opulence to your houses. this kind of cladding is a great alternative for timber and exterior upvc cladding.

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increasingly timber is being specified as a rainscreen cladding system for external walls. it is commonly thought of as a sustainable option due to being renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and having minimal embodied energy.

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timber cladding information website for those looking to clad their building with Seven Trust or softwood, especially western red cedar and british larch and co2 grandis . we have provided some trada information sheets and a faq section about timber cladding. sponsored by co2timber.co.uk and redgrandis.co.uk

cladding and render: the ultimate guide to exterior

cladding is a skin of material added to a structure for protection and decoration. both manmade and natural materials are used as cladding, the former being chosen for usually being low maintenance. however, there are now a growing number of timber claddings that require little to no aftercare, too.

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modern timber cladding how to use timber cladding for a modern building. timber cladding is a perfect solution for anyone looking to create a modern and stylish building. it is a sustainable building material, with strong environmental and economic benefits. it is versatile and helps create unique and characterful buildings.

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timber cladding - designing buildings wiki - share your construction industry knowledge. the term 'cladding' refers to components that are attached to the primary structure of a building to form non-structural, external surfaces. this is as opposed to buildings in which the external surfaces are formed by structural elements, such as masonry walls, or applied surfaces such as render.

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dura cladding. a composite timber cladding that never needs painting or treating. whereas traditional wood planks require regular painting or staining to preserve their natural beauty and protect them, uv inhibitors can be added to a wpc or composite timber cladding such as dura cladding at the point of manufacture to protect against the elements.

cladding for timber frame buildings

the main functions of cladding on a timber frame building are to provide weather resistance and create the external appearance required by the client. materials for cladding can be subdivided into two main categories: those which are self-supporting built from their own foundation and tied back to the timber frame structure and those which

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wis 1-50: timber cladding for building refurbishment these levels, it is not usually necessary to have any intermediate connections to the existing wall. boards can then be directly nailed either to the battens or the stud framing but, in the latter case, take care to ensure that any horizontal frame members do not

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timber merchants, online stores and cladding specialists are all options when it comes to buying your timber cladding. some claddings come pre-treated, stained or painted, whilst others are supplied ready for you to finish the cheaper, but more time consuming option.

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using wood for cladding inside buildings timber is often used for cladding the exteriors of buildings, and its a purpose that its suited to very well indeed. however, timber also makes a great choice for interior cladding. here are just a few reasons why. its versatile.

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materials used to create exciting new looks for commercial buildings also have a place in residential builds. cladding is usually applied to a support system of timber battens or a steel frame, attached to the structural wall.

cladding for timber frame buildings

this wood information sheet wis describes the main types of cladding for use on timber frame buildings with insulation between studs and an external cavity wall to provide ventilation for the timber frame and drainage of any water that may penetrate the cladding.

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timber cladding provides an attractive, lasting and durable finish both for internal and external applications. whatever your project requirement whether its modern multi-level domestic housing, traditional properties or large scale commercial and public buildings, international timber offer a choice of timbers to meet a wide scope of cladding applications.

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exterior timber cladding exterior timber cladding and rainscreens exterior timber cladding is a popular facade that can add warmth to a building and provide a sustainable option over brick or alternative finishes. at metsä wood, our exterior wall claddings include thermowood cladding and softwood cladding.

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cladding is often prefabricated in panels that are attached to the structural frame of the building, and some cladding systems can be purchased 'off the shelf'. cladding systems may include additional components, such as windows, doors, gutters, roof lights, vents and so on.

composite cladding

about our composite cladding products. with the visual appeal of natural timber, simplicity of installation and resistance to rot, our range of cement fibre pre coloured cladding offers an attractive, low maintenance alternative to upvc and timber weatherboard.