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as we mentioned, composite wood is more expensive than real wood when you first install your deck. youll be happy to know, though, that you can expect to get more time out of your composite deck than from real wood. theres no hard and fast estimate for how long your composite deck will last.

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aesthetically, composite decking doesnt give you a real wood look despite the wood-grain texturing; the material costs more than woodbut keep in mind that youll save on yearly maintenance expenses, and the deck will likely last much longer than a wood deck

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composite decks. although slightly more expensive than pressure-treated wood, composite decking is another good choice. composite decks are made up of two main substances: resin and wood. manufacturers use wood pieces to give the panels the appearance of natural wood. these wood pieces also add a lot of structural support to each panel.

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composite is better than wood for decks. if it is better than woodwhy are they trying to emulate the look of wood. the new products are quite convincing. big hunks of plastic with wood grain and variable coloring to emulate the look of wood. sure, it will likely fade, but when it is installed it looks just like wood.

are composite decks really better than wood

are composite decks really better than wood? by doityourself staff. although wood decking has been really popular over the years, composite decks are quickly replacing the use of wood for decking. the quick change from wood to composite material has come due to the fact that composite decks have several advantages over using wood.

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it was designed to be more resistant to the elements than traditional wood decking, but it still suffered from similar issues like colour bleaching and staining when something was spilt. one of the selling features of composite decking, was no splinters and no stress about the annual painting, sealing or staining a wood deck requires.

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in general, composite decking is less stiff than solid wood making it a little more bouncy and prone to sagging. allowable spans range from 12 in. to 20 in. a few claim that they can span 24 in. but i would be skeptical. it depends, in part, on how much bounciness you are willing to tolerate in a deck.

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deck appearance. wood decking planks will display variations in color, texture and grain structure that are only available in nature. composite decking planks are essentially uniform in color