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live load vs. dead load english construction / civil

live load vs. dead load: explanation: dead and live loads are terms used in mechanical and structural engineering, especially where analysis of real world objects is required. a 'load' refers to any type of force exerted on an object, which may be in the form of a 'weight' (gravitational force), a pressure, or anything which affects the object

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concepts and formulas of dead load vs live load: dead loads. dead loads are static forces that are relatively constant for an extended time; usually the weight of materials plus immovable fixtures such as carpet, roof and etc. minimum design dead load can be found in asce 7 table c3-1.

live loads vs. dead loads in structural design barton

the might of the dead load, or lack thereof, often defines how much live load it can handle. reinforced concrete creates the heaviest dead loads but also supports the most weight with its tremendous compressive strength. structural steel offers much less of a dead load and provides superior support for live loads in multi-story buildings.

what is the difference between a dead load and a live load

a dead load is the weight of the bridge or vehicle or building excluding the people or objects in it(an example is: if you were standing on a bridge all alone you would be the live load and the

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dead loads are also known as permanent or static loads. building materials are not dead loads until constructed in permanent position. is875(part 1)-1987 give unit weight of building materials, parts, components. live load, imposed loads, transient load. live loads, or imposed loads, are temporary, of short duration, or a moving load.