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'it's easy to put in and you can add exposed aggregate or even pieces of glass,' says monica mroz landscape architect. the value of concrete is its price. 'its the cheapest way to have a hard surface,' says derek archer, landscape designer for brentwood landscape and design. 'and you can create any shape or size.'

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mulch and gravel are the cheapest pathway materials you can buy for rock walkways, and they make construction simple, too, making them two of our favorite walkway ideas. all you have to do is remove the sod, roll out landscape fabric and spread the mulch or gravel.

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asphalt usually costs about $5 usd per square foot, in addition to the cost of a gravel base, and must be installed by a contractor. this option can last up to 30 years, depending on weather in the area and the use of the driveway. it must typically be resealed every three years to prevent cracking.

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if you enjoy the high-end look of stone, but don't enjoy its price tag, there are other options. you can opt for decorative concrete that mimics stone or brick. another idea is to use a more affordable material for the majority of your patio and use the stone as an accent border or design.

i have a 750sq m drive to do, what is the cheapest and

i have a 750sq m drive to do, what is the cheapest and best option thanks thats all very helpful but i dont really want tarmac or shingle i have remeasured at 700 sq m can i get block paviour at say £25 psm total budget £17,500

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ask your installer about color options, brushing, and other fancy add-ons that can boost your driveways curb appeal. advantages of concrete driveways. stability. unlike gravel, concrete is a stable walking and driving surface not prone to mud or slop. traction. rough concrete has ample traction.

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in a paint bucket, stir equal parts sealer, water, and water-based tinted flat exterior house paint. pour mixture into another paint tray, and, using a different paint roller, apply one coat of the colored stain mixture on the pavers top surface. let dry, about 10 minutes. repeat with other colors. seal the stain.

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may 30, 2012 - explore cwlandscapes's board 'garden pathways and hard surfaces', followed by 333 people on pinterest. see more ideas about garden, garden design and landscape design. would be a good cheap way to spruce up back patio. what others are saying pic 1 designer james lord from surface design created this garden design for his

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the best surface for a garden path depends on how you use the path, the amount of traffic on the path, whether you want a porous or non-porous surface, design considerations such as informal vs

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after tilling is complete, spread the required amount of dry portland cement powder over the surface of the paving site. generally, a layer about 1/2 inch thick or 2 to 4 pounds per square foot will be sufficient. a 40-pound bag of dry portland cement will cover about 20 to 40 square feet. spread the cement in an even layer using a garden rake.

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gardening related have any of you clever people ever had to cover a patio area up on a low budget? we have a 27 m2 concrete area at the back of the garden that's all breaking up and looking a bit like an eyesore i want to cover it up on the cheap so that we put our garden furniture there snd can use it as a bbq area this summer.

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prices vary by stone type. you'll pay anywhere from $8 to $80 or more for a ton, enough to cover about 100 sq. ft. at a depth of 1 1/2 to 2 in. mixed materials like the brick, ceramic tile and broad stones that compose this bold path, create a unique look.

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this isnt an easy-care option, however, and some knowledge of planting design is important, unless you hire an experienced garden designer. sedum mats, commonly used on green or living roofs, are good ground cover, if given enough sun.

i have a 750sq m drive to do, what is the cheapest and

i agree with the previous answers, hardcore and topping stones are the cheapest option, then tarmac. but i would allow for a minimum of 200mm type 1 mot well compacted, vibrate roller is better, followed by your chosen topping stones. you can add a weed control fabric, such as terrain but it is as it says,

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for more complicated driveways, those that have a steep incline, or for anyone looking for a low-maintenance option, probably the best option albeit the most expensive one is resin-bonded gravel. for a senior house with a senior approach, this is the best long-term solution, believes mr eddell.

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concrete. often used as a cheap alternative to stone - because it can be fashioned into the most convincing stone-substitute slabs and brick-effect paviours - concrete is under-used in its own right. it can be textured in many ways, but as a smooth surface in a modern garden, it is often unbeatable.

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loose aggregates are generally the cheapest option but will give a very different look and feel to a paving stone. if you have a large garden then you may want to mix the materials to help with cost so, for example, you could use a loose aggregate on the driveway and paving for the pathways .

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but wait, even then we couldnt afford a 400 ft driveway, every truckload of stone cost $350-$400, and each truckload only covers about 50 ft. you need a layer or two of railroad ballast the professionals told me , depending on how packed your ground is, and on top of that a layer or, more likely, two, of gravel.

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this option might include drought-resistant plants, artificial turf, or easy-to-care-for trees or shrubs. if you know that one of your goals is to avoid having a natural grass lawn or to have just a small lawn, the grass alternatives below will help you design a yard that is inviting and fits your needs.

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a bare expanse of dirt, rocks and a few dead weeds makes the backyard a wasteland dry as a bone in summer and a mud hole in winter. although your budget may not allow a full makeover, there

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the installation or renewal of a hard surface of more than 5 square metres of domestic front garden with an impervious material requires an application for full planning consent, unless provision is made to direct run-off water from the hard surface to a permeable, or porous area, or surface within the curtilage of the dwelling house.

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if you do use a professional garden designer, make sure every aspect of the work is covered, including gradients, retaining walls, suitable hard landscaping materials, water table and garden drainage in the plan. some 'airy fairy' garden designers are great at planting plans and aerial views, but not so good at the practical stuff.

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cost: you can get gorgeous stone-look tile for, like, $2/sq ft. just to remind you, above we were discussing options at $15/sq ft, so outdoor tiles are a major bargain upscale look: tile can give you not just a natural stone look, but a gorgeous, realistic wood look as well.