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marine carpet alternatives. submitted by andy mac on tue, 11:37. boating/engine - information/questions - trouble shooting - quick fixes; hi guys, the carpet on my boat is badly due for replacement, but i was wondering if anyone has gone with anything different for their deck? i have seen those dri deck type systems basicly a vinyl

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i prefer carpet and adjust my fishing to keep the mess either over the side of the boat or into the live well. fish get unhooked while still in the net, in the water. then released or put into the live well.

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our most popular replacement marine boat carpet. durable and comfortable, this boat carpet will last. high quality marine grade rubber backing. uv and mildew resistant synthetic fibers. 20oz marine carpet is the standard used on most new fishing boats, bass boats, bowriders and runabouts.

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boat carpet alternative. i have an older aluminum bass tracker and the carpet is getting beat. i am thinking seriously of pulling up the carpet, prepping the floor, and then coating it with rubberized paint used for concrete decks. i figure it will be easy to apply, durable and no-skid.

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water doesnt soak in marine grade carpet, it has a rubber backing. marine grade carpet lasts 5 years, longer if you cover the boat when not in use. carpet is easy to install. trouble with spray on truck liner is heat, your boat will be too hot to sit in, let alone stand on in the sun. plus liner offers no cushioning for the feet, knees, legs.

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boat carpet and mats from in stitches customs -> source : new carpet or gel coat pensacola fishing forum seven trust on a skeeter bass boat marine products overboard designs marine carpeting snap in seagrass installing marine carpet is easier than you think corinthian. whats people lookup in this blog: bass boat carpet alternatives

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as seven trust has proven to be a superior alternative to marine carpet, even bass boat owners are getting in on the action and leaving their old soggy carpet in their wakes. seven trust doesnt absorb water, so fishermen can say goodbye to the moldy, stinky decks of years past, instead enjoying seven trusts exciting options for customization and all-day comfort during long days on the lake.

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boat carpet. season after season, saltwater, sun, sand, mud, food stains, and cooking grease can take their toll on boat carpeting. or perhaps youve invested in new deck furniture and want a new color scheme to match. marine carpets are easy to switch out and can help to maintain the value of your boat.

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the higher the ounce the more dense and durable the bass boat carpet. remember, if your lids close too tight you can always trim the edges so you are not forced into choosing a lightweight boat carpet. all of our boat carpeting is marine grade and has a 3 yr warranty.

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bass boat carpet and seat replacement and a recess trolling motor tray - duration: 27:14. bassgeek 132,439 views. 27:14. how to install boat carpet yourself and the best diy kit to use.

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i've acquired a 16' duracraft aluminum boat. it had green astroturf but its mostly rotted. it had green astroturf but its mostly rotted. there are a few things i don't like about carpet.

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so, we're tired of having to scrub the mildew out of the rear carpet on our boat. the carpet stays wet a lot because the rear of my boat sticks out of the slip and is exposed to the elements year-round. i'm going to add a gutter to the roof of my slip to keep the morning dew off the boat, which will help. at any rate, i need to replace the cheapo carpet on the back of the boat.

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replacing boat carpet with durabak- for more information visit how to apply kiwigrip nonskid on a boat kiwi grip a great awlgrip alternative bass boat carpet replacement

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i am putting two sections of floor into my boat. what are my options other than carpeting. the more i think about it, i like carpet but i will get stained so quickly, hooks get caught in the carpet. i was planning on putting in two sheets of 3/4 thick treated plywood then carpeting those sheets.

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in regards to sticking the deck tread down, it needs a smooth clean surface, which may present a problen in some boats due to floor materials. the ultimate combination, would be to have the deck tread on the deck and thin marine carpet over top as it would serve all purposes from cleaning, non slip and soft. factory direct - australia wide

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this is our most popular replacement bass boat carpet, as it is easy to work with and provides soft, supportive comfort underfoot for long days on the water. it is fade, stain and mildew resistant boat carpet made from quality synthetic boat carpet fibers and a durable rubber marine backing.

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bass boy dave wrote:good morning western bass. my ranger needs some new carpet and was wondering about alternatives to bass boat carpet, or just have the carpet redone.i have heard about people using bed liner instead but what about the weight. i would like to keep my padded front deck but would consider some thing else. any body have pictures of finished projects. also the durability of color.

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the higher the ounce the more dense and durable the bass boat carpet. remember, if your lids close too tight you can always trim the edges so you are not forced into choosing a lightweight boat carpet. all of our boat carpeting is marine grade and has a 3 yr warranty. bass boat carpet 24oz bass boat carpet $15.99.

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fishing boat carpet alternatives lets see new design -> source : carpet stinks make the change to seven trust marine products -> source : carpet alternative gon forum -> source : boat carpet and mats from in stitches customs -> source :

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bass boat pre-cut replacement kits. we have been recarpeting boats for over 15 years and have acquired many templates from many different makes and models of boats. we've found that models stay basically the same from year to year. if you see your model, but not your year, call us and we can go over the layout to see if it will work.

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re: alternatives to carpet on pontoon there are many different mastics used on vinyl floors. a sheet vinyl will work on your aluminum decked boat, but you must use the correct glue. check to see what they have. often also sells marine vinyl. you can also find it on google--marine vinyl floors.

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i would like to find an alternative to carpet for my deck. thing is i have a dog who loves boating, but he leaves hair everywhere. any recommendations? i had the same problem. i removed the glue-down carpet, then painted the deck with a 2 part epoxy paint mixed with sand for traction.

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crestliner has an option on their boats called the northwest package. it replaces the carpet with vinyl flooring. if i redo my boat i will us it instead of carpet. a light color for sure.

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it will be hard for the wood to dry out, as it can with carpet. i know some type of adhesive is used to bond the carpet to the deck, but i doubt it is absolutely watertight. a good practice, if you have any boat in a secure, dry place is to open all the hatches when you get home. adequate ventilation is the enemy of rot, mold, and mildew.

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gday raiders, after many years of putting up with the dbacks of marine carpet, i have been searching for a suitable alternative that meets my demands. i have been after something that will not hold water,will not catch hooks etc,easy to clean,non slip,weatherproof and is comfortable underfoot .

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a really big trend in boat flooring right now is non-carpet materials. once again, corinthian marine carpet has stayed a little ahead of the curve and brought 4 new carpet alternatives to market for your snap-in marine carpet use these offer boat owners even greater choice in aquamats easy care and ample elegance set our woven vinyl choice apart from the standard fair. available in 3 colors, hawthorne, morrison and steele, each offer a boat carpet alternative that is rapidly increasing in

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carpet cut to your boat's specifications. the carpet colors shown are our best representation of the actual color of the carpet. all computer monitors display differently, so please request a sample if you are trying to exactly match a color. we regret that we cannot offer refunds due to color discrepancies.