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how to install anti-slip step strips - safe tread manufactured in 50mm depths, in a wide range of colours. supplied with a choice of un-drilled or pre-drilled with free rust-proof fixing screws : handitreads nstbkb handi non slip : handitreads nstbkb handi non slip aluminum, powder coated black, 3.75" x 48" with color matching wood screws, each stair tread : garden & outdoor

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handi-ramp has created a variety of non slip aluminum products to help prevent slip and fall injuries. handi treads are an economical permanent solution to slip and fall hazards. the aluminum treads come in 5 standard colors: silver, yellow, brown, black, and gray and 2 standard sizes: 3.75″(w) x 30″(l) and 3.75″(w) x 48″(l).

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established in 1960, guardian industries is a wholly western australian, family-owned business.since its inception, guardian pools has grown to become one of western australia's leading pool suppliers, installing thousands of pools throughout the perth metropolitan area.the team at guardian industries continue to develop new and improved fibreglass technologies, creating safer, more reliable

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we specialize in heavy duty anti-slip stair treads ,decking strips & stair nosings for the outdoors our grp/frp treads come in flat sheets as well and can be cut to any size.