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when you want to use a mop to clean your laminate floor, do not use a wet mop, only use a dry mop. use a solution of vinegar and water and its a tricky way to clean your laminate floor mix 40-50 ml of vinegar with 3 liters of water. take the solution into a spray bottle and shake it properly.

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top 5 ways to minimize the stress of cleaning your laminate floors 1. first, its important to care for them on a regular basis. 2. a good thing about laminate flooring is that its stain resistant. 3. be gentle. yes, laminate floors are as durable as vinyl floors, 4. using water to clean your

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its actually very easy to clean laminate wood floors. one of the easiest methods is using the vacuum cleaner. just make sure to turn your vacuum to the wood-floors setting, and off you go. another popular method is to use a dry dust mop, like swiffer , which can be great for quickly removing any dust bunnies or pet-hair tumbleweeds.

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laminate floors are very easy to care for, but it is essential that you clean them on a regular basis. their melamine wear layer can be scratched and scuffed by grit and dirt, reducing the shine of the flooring and creating a dull look.

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do not use any type of buffing or polishing machine on your laminate floors. for spots such as candle wax or chewing gum, harden the spot with ice and then gently scrape with a plastic scraper, such as a credit card. be careful not to scratch the flooring surface. wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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in this video i explain how i clean my laminate wood floors and what i use to clean them with. i hope you all enjoy, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below thanks

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now is the time to once and for all figure out how to clean, maintain, protect, and restore your floors the right way. related: 3 ways to clean Seven Trust floors with ease. how dirty your floors really are. the ugly truth with both laminate and wood floors is they can look perfectly clean, despite actually being filthy.