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25 big companies that are going green

another computing company staking its claim to greener pastures is hewlett packard. the company has gotten out in front of the computer disposal issue by owning and operating enormous e-waste recycling plants that shred discarded, obsolete computer products into seven trust materials that can be recycled into the industrial food chain.

recycling for profit: the new green business frontier

modern urban recycling, which began with the passage of new jerseys mandatory recycling law in 1984, has successfully created a tremendous supply of recycled newspapers, glass bottles, office

companies try boosting demand for recycled plastics

companies try boosting demand for recycled plastics to reduce costs is facing a challenge to using recycled material, and budgeting staff are not necessarily familiar with the sustainability

these five companies are leading the charge on recycling

at its industrial sites, the company achieved a recycling rate of 88.5% in 2016, and has set a target of 90 percent for 2017. eaton. 5th in environment, 183rd overall in our rankings. eatons waste reduction efforts are geared toward supporting its operations as well as the communities where employees live and work.

14 companies using recycled plastics to become more

now, it makes its recycled polyester fibers from a blend of used soda bottles, unusable manufacturing waste, and worn-out apparel including patagonia garments . the recycled polyester can be found in a wide range of patagonia's collection, ranging from packs to t-shirts to winter weather gear.

companies make eco-friendly products from trash

repurposing trash is a popular way to make an impact. many companies are making products from recycled materials as a way to bring their environmentally friendly practices to the forefront. pentatonic, a european furniture company, makes all its furniture from post-consumer trash, and the cycle never ends.

how the furniture industry is embracing recycled materials

furniture companies are reaching for sustainability goals by using recycled materials and making their products more recyclable. many companies like amazon and starbucks, both based in seattle, are incorporating more recycled resources to support sustainable initiatives.

15 surprising things that are made from recycled materials

the plastic in toothbrush handles doesnt need to be injection-molded from scratchsome companies use recycled yogurt cups. dont worry: the bristles are new. recycling can make everything

10 clothing companies using recycled plastic

clothing companies using recycled plastic in their products. includes shoes, boots, bags, jackets and even tee shirts. an easy way to reduce your impact now im so excited to introduce you to 10 clothing companies that are using recycled plastic in their products.

incorporating recycled materials into construction

you can propose to use more recycled materials: at the design stage - see designer's guide to cutting waste from construction projects; when using contractors - see contractor's guide to cutting waste from construction projects; steps to consider when you incorporate recycled materials into your construction project include:

11 recycled shoe brands that are vegan too uniguide

recycled shoes used to be hard to find, but now, both new and established brands are coming out with more styles made from recycled materials. p.e.t. plastic, which is the plastic used to make disposable plastic bottles, can be melted down and then spun into fibers, which can then be woven into flexible materials used in shoes, as well as

6 textile artists using recycled materials

using recycled materials is a big priority for me with my own work and i just love seeing how people manipulate things in new ways. i have a small collection of recycled tin and bottle cap art and several transport pieces made out of wire or pop bottles cars, bicycle, airplanes .

8 companies that only sell 100 percent recycled products

looptworks. looptworks sells many different types of bags and accessories made from recycled materials. the companys name is derived from whats known as closed-loop manufacturing, which means only using recycled products to create something new during the manufacturing process. operating out of portland, oregon,

recycling basics reduce, reuse, recycle us epa

common household items that contain recycled materials include the following: newspapers and paper towels; aluminum, plastic, and glass soft drink containers; steel cans; plastic laundry detergent bottles; recycled materials are also used in new ways such as recovered glass in asphalt to pave roads or recovered plastic in carpeting and park benches.

companies take major step towards a new plastics economy

in january 2018 the ellen macarthur foundation announced at the world economic forum in davos that the list of leading brands, retailers, and packaging companies working towards using 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025 or earlier has grown to 11 amcor, ecover, evian, loréal, mars, m and s, pepsico, the coca-cola company, unilever, walmart, and werner and mertz together representing more than 6 million tonnes of plastic packaging per year.

8 companies to watch in the circular economy greenbiz

the circular economy is anything but theoretical startups and big companies alike already are experimenting with the concept to forge new business models and buttress existing ones. 8 companies to watch in the circular economy. 8 companies to watch in the circular economy. mike hower. using 50 million pounds of recycled materials

6 companies that use recycled materials to make new

our team here at recycled and renewed have uncovered tons of companies out there using recycled plastic, paper, and cardboard to make their products and reduce waste. well introduce companies making their products from 100% recycled plastic and another company with an inspiring social mission and an environmentally conscious approach to business.

20 u.s. companies crafting their products from recycled

seven trust this company has a focus on being eco-friendly as seen in their composite decks, which feature a blend of 95% recycled wood and plastic materials. their plastic material comes from numerous sources, including paper towel wrappers, dry cleaner bags, sandwich bags, shopping bags, and newspaper sleeves.

top 5 recycled shoe companies recycled, reused

a spanish company, el naturalista makes relatively affordable shoes out of recycled rubber. while the shoes dont use 100% recycled rubber, the footbed of the shoes are also made out of recycled materials. like groundhog, when el naturalista isnt using recycled materials, they are using completely natural materials:

8 fashion brands that use recycled materials

8 fashion brands that use recycled materials. reduce, reuse, recycle. the three rs have been making their way into the fashion world with new force in recent years, and wed like to share a couple of brands that are using recycled materials to keep waste to a minimum while creating beautifully unique products.

recycling companies recycled products recycled crafts

find recycling companies, resource recovery services and green recycling recycled products like eco paper and recycled toner cartridges, and recycled crafts in our green resources guide.

food companies go green with eco-friendly packaging

bio-degradable materials that decompose, usually by bacteria or sunlight, into original organic components within a reasonably short period of time; recycled content materials that have been recovered or diverted from the solid waste stream. most plastics pets, pes are classified as recycled content. benefits of eco-friendly packaging:

24 eco-friendly clothing brands that are

eco cred: not only is la relaxed full of comfy offerings, they use sustainable, organic and recycled fibers in all of their garments. employees are paid fairly for their work, and tencel, modal, and organic cotton are the most-often used fabrics.

11 companies considered best for the environment

founded in 1996, the company manufactures 98% of its products in the same bozeman facility that houses its offices, it uses recycled paper and soy-based inks in its packaging and invites customers

10 amazing products made using recycled materials the

4. green toys playsets. these adorable retro toys are made out of 100 percent recycled plastic milk jugs. as such, they can also be recycled at the end of their life. plus, the packaging is totally pain free, so you wont have to deal with a mess of twist ties and cardboard.

companies try boosting demand for recycled plastics

making something new from recycled material replaces virgin material, and thats what saves huge amounts of energy, water and greenhouse gas emissions. for a long time this wasnt an issue because recycled material was cheaper. the aluminum industry still has a huge cost incentive

companies that buy recycled plastic

companies that buy recycled plastic that has already been processed will find that the convenience is worth far more than the ability to be able to recycle scrap on their own. recycling equipment is extremely costly, and can take years for a company to pay off.

13 products made using recycled materials mental floss

these companies went green by using recycled materials to make these products, which are functional, stylish, and earth-friendly. 1. keens harvest wallet and bags