faux floor for my patio

how to transform an old, tired, cracked concrete patio

my mother has lived in the same house since she got married in the 70s. it is still a very nice hose but you can tell that there are a few places that could use repairs. one of those places is the back patio; it is very cracked and falling into disrepair.

how to faux stone a concrete outside floor hunker

no matter what style of faux stone you wish to create, a base coat of a latex floor and patio enamel provides a backdrop for your handiwork. to create a look of grout or sand between the faux stones, select a base color in the desired grout or gravel shade.

painted patio tile diy

painted patio tile diy. d.i.y. project, home decor, i painted my the cement floor of my front porch a few years ago, gave it three clear coats to protect it. ok i think its safe to say i am *obsessed* with this faux tile project and am planning to diy my own on my currently rather sad back concrete patio but ive been looking

interlocking faux wood deck and patio tiles, 10-pack big lots

interlocking faux wood deck and patio tiles, 10-pack renovate your summer with these wonderful polywood deck and patio tiles. their interlocking design and wood plastic composite create a highly durable and stylish space for your next do-it-yourself project.

faux flagstone patio hometalk

does your patio need a pick me up? here is a clever idea you can make to refresh your patio. this faux flagstone idea is inexpensive and will give your patio a big refresh. everyone will be

how to faux-finish concrete floor ehow

concrete is gray in color and not very inviting. however, you can avoid incurring the costs of overlaying genuine tile over a concrete floor and create a faux marble finish that closely resembles marble tile. with a little time, hard work and creative spirit, you can have your guests wondering if

faux paint your concrete floor faux painting, porch

believe it or not, you absolutely can faux paint your old stained concrete floor or patio and improve the appearance immensely without spending a fortune on new concrete. faux painted flooring can last several years with minimal care and even after. my front porch needs this i would either do a cobblestone or flagstone pattern.

inspiring patio floor paint

a great workaround is to invest in a couple of stencils and play around with painted patio floors. from faux-tiles, to mid-century prints, to elaborate area rug designs, there is something for every aesthetic. to get you thinking what you can do with your own concrete slab, check out the painted patio floor inspiration below

faux finishes- ideas, photos and info about faux finishing

faux finishing is simply the art of simulation -- where you make one surface look like something else. the technique has been used for centuries to dress up plaster walls. but its also possible to faux finish nearly any concrete surface, including floors, exterior pavements, countertops, walls and fireplaces.

how to fake a beautiful stone patio for just $50 hometalk

my sister has a plain, cement slab patio in her backyard and she wanted to give it a new look. she loves flagstone but that wasn't in her budget so i gave her the next best thing - faux flagstone her patio is approximately 10'x6' so it isn't huge but big enough to sit comfortably and enjoy an alfresco dinner.

do it yourself patio finishes for existing concrete hunker

with the watering can, sprinkle the muriatic acid mixture onto the surface of the concrete patio. work from the interior of the patio to the exterior. watch the acid as it meets the concrete to ensure that bubbling occurs on contact. let the acid sit on the concrete patio for 20 to 30 minutes once the entire patio surface is evenly covered.

faux floor for my patio

faux floor for my patio. faux painting floor porch design ideas, pictures, remodel and porch 'faux painting floor' - similar to faux painting floor porch design ideas, pictures, remodel and concrete. the effect is created by mixing the paints. its much more like a faux finish.

72 best painted floors and faux rugs images painted floors

may 9, 2016 - explore ecospaint's board 'painted floors and faux rugs', followed by 1044 people on pinterest. see more ideas about painted floors, painted wood floors and flooring. i'm thinking this would be adorable on my concrete patio floor i love this whimsical floor painting by alisa burke. i want to paint something like this as a 'rug

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all of our patio and outdoor area flooring systems are manufactured to withstand all environmental aggravators. uv rays, cold and hot weather extremes and moisture from rain, ice, and snow are just a few of the challenges a high-quality outdoor floor coating must endure. by using tints and faux painting techniques you can make your concrete

new tile patio floor reveal

well, we finally finished staining our concrete patio to look like tile this was is what our concrete patio looked like before. dull and dirty. it doesnt look as bad in these pictures as it did in person, but believe meit didnt look good. as i was trying to decorate the patio with read more about new tile patio floor reveal

faux brick patio floor, so easy to do warm tones would

i did this to my patio floor about three months ago, but i and scatter-brained and forgot to share it with you all i also couldn and ever seem . faux brick patio, so easy to do 25 awesome brick patio ideas in 2019 youll need spray paint, a concrete walk maker as a stencil and a sealant. fake an expensive-looking patio with spray paint - simplemost

faux stone patio : 3 steps with pictures

faux stone patio: this is a great idea for small concrete patios that you want to dress up. this can be done over a weekend and you will have something to be proud of and admire for a long time.

tips for faux painting and finishing an indoor concrete floor

a faux finish on an indoor concrete floor allows you to completely change its appearance, emulating the look of slate, flagstone or even wood. ensure your success by cleaning and etching the

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faux painted floor, faux tiles, painted floor. 5. tape off your squares next step, measure and tape off the squares. the tapes lines will be grout lines when the tape is removed at the end of the project. i recommend using this 1/4' pin-striping tape for the grout lines. i couldn't find it and went to a local auto shop and bought 1/4' masking tape and it didn't remove well.