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after you have set out the diy pergola, you should build the concrete footings. that is why, you should dig four holes 15 in diameter 3 deep at least 6 under the frost line . next, you have pour a 4 layer of gravel and compact it thoroughly.

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you will notice as soon as you step inside this spacious gazebo that you have ample place to rest, sit and chat with your family and friends. to elevate the beauty of this gazebo and make it more functional, a cooler is added on the floor while serene white curtains border the structure adding intimacy.

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be sure to select the strhtest posts in the pile at the lumber yard it will go a long way in making your finished project easy header boards your pergola will need a set of double-header boards that attach to each side of the post and are secured by 10 bolts.

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set the 4 by 4 in the hole and pour in dry concrete. use a level to make certain the post is level in all directions, then tap the post with a hammer to allow the cement to settle before pouring in two gallons of water. allow the concrete to dry before continuing. mount two 2 by 10 boards on each side of the post.

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make this simple diy pergola for your patio 1. dig two holes. 2. level the side posts. 3. pour the concrete. 4. attach the cross bars. 5. install the top beam.

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you can use these step-by-step instructions provided by to build a backyard wood pergola. this one has 4 x 4 pressure-treated posts and evenly-spaced stringers perpendicular to the beams. if you want, you can add decorative elements both to the joist beam and the stringers.

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these make up the first layer of 'lattice' that is a key trait of any pergola design. the boards were cut to length and chamfered at the ends before positioning them on top of the headers. these boards are notched so that that their thickness overlaps with the headers by about 2'.