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training wisteria on a pergola. asked august 14, 2015, 4:22 pm edt. my two wisteria plants are nearing the top of the columns and are ready to climb on the pergola. where should we train the plant to grow on the pergola, for what is the best for the plant, appearance, and stability? should it wrap around each beam coming from the house?

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in this instalment of our 'how to garden series' mikethegardener demystifies the art of pruning your wisteria so there's more chance it will bloom. this video shows you the summer pruning that

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what makes a pergola “smart” and why are they so hot? pergolas praised as smart and stylish patio feature. october 6, 2016 at 5:03 pm even when you’re not home.

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training wisteria to grow on a pergola or arbor is a practice that requires careful planning. in order to successfully use these structures, they must be made of a stout, weather-resistant material like cedar and set securely in the ground with concrete footings.

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wisteria grows in various colors too such as red and blue and can reach as high as 25 feet. during its development stage, you will need to support it properly to your pergola. wisteria may require regular maintenance as they can become hefty. make sure your pergolas are made of sturdy materials to support this plant.

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training wisteria vines & when to prune wisteria. while wisteria is great for covering an arbor or pergola, training wisteria vines makes it easier to control. keep in mind, however, when training wisteria vines the variety may exhibit different twining characteristics.