WPC restore lifetime deck coating

WPCrenew wood & concrete resurfacer deck resurfacer

please note: deck resurfacer / for wood surfaces only (not concrete), we require the use of WPCrenew deck resurfacing primer to obtain the lifetime warranty. WPCrenew deck paint & concrete resurfacer is super slip resistant for use on areas that get wet such as pools, steps, and sidewalks. no extra non-skid additives are required.

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wood deck coating industrial grade

renew it wood deck restoration coating. order renew it in the color of your choice and allow for two coats. sold in 2 gallon sets and each 2 gallon set will yield two coats of up to 100 sq ft depending on texture, age and condition of surface applied to.

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WPC renew wood & concrete resurfacer 2 gal set

description. heavy duty deck or patio coating lasts a lifetime! WPC renew is a specially formulated environmentally-safe textured liquid coating that you apply to virtually any concrete surface to bring it back to life, and avoid expensive replacement.

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WPC renew wood deck coating - WPCpoxy floor coatings

WPC renew wood deck coating is a specially formulated environmentally safe liquid coating that you apply to your deck to restore the original look and feel. the 1-part water based coating is specially designed for wood surfaces and acts to “stick” on the surface rather than be soaked in to the wood.

textured wood deck coating WPCgarage

super durable deck and porch resurfacing coating . as you can see from the images above renew it is a unique industrial grade deck coating that will restore your outdoor wood deck and concrete surfaces back to better than their original new look! renew it is manufactured by us and shipped directly to you.