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eastern red cedar aromatic grows throughout eastern half of united states except in maine, florida, and a narrow strip along the gulf coast and at higher elevations in appalachian mountain range. aromatic red cedar has reddish or violet-brown heartwood; pale yellow color sapwood, and can appear throughout heartwood as streaks and stripes. available online at liberty cedar

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beautiful knotty western red cedar deck and dock photo: courtesy of the sansin corporation via cottage life. dream backyard - staircase to a lake if you like western red cedar docks, bedroom, basement or pantry using the natural-looking aromatic eastern red cedar closet liner tongue and groove planks from cedarsafe.

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western red cedar is also known for their flared butt ends that offers a unique character to many log homes both inside and outside. if you like this type of look and feel for your home, western red cedar may be the best type of timber for your home. if you dont particularly like this look you can still use red cedar without flared ends. the

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main menu photo galleries featured projects seven trust pictures deck videos. eastern red cedar, southern red juniper, savin, pencil cedar, pencil juniper: mechanical properties: this medium density wood has low bending and resistance to shock loads, low stiffness and medium crushing strength. it also has a medium steam bending classification.

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oct 31, 2019 - explore michaelboazllc's board 'cedar screened porch' on pinterest. see more ideas about screened in porch, decks and porches and porch. porch builders custom decks deck pictures easy deck deck railings home upgrades decks and united states. horizontal fence in western red cedar. types of fences fencing companies

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red cedar for decking? - the woodenboat forum - woodenboat magazine . what are your thoughts on a strht planked, 1/4 inch thick deck glued down red western aromatic cedar is pretty, maybe brittle, but if glued down western or eastern red cedar, they are gorgeous logs, will get a pic soon as i using the cheap tongue and g

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forestryimages.org provides several images of parts of eastern redcedar. the tree is a conifer and the lineal taxonomy is pinopsida > pinales > cupressaceae > juniperus virginiana l. eastern redcedar is also commonly called southern juniper, southern red cedar and cedar.

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i think you can use your local eastern red cedar juniperus virginiana in a deck any way you want to use it, including in a traditional laid deck.it would be same weight as a doug fir deck but significantly harder. at 12% mc it has a side hardness of 900lbs while teak is only 1000.

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sorting out the cedars. western red cedar thuja plicata reigns supreme for the production of decking, siding, shingles, and outdoor structures because of its natural decay resistance, ability to repel water, and abundance. eastern red cedar heartwood bears pinkish-red tones with an occasional purplish tinge and deep reddish-brown

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trust us on this one start with a stunning real cedar deck, and suddenly your designer daydreams and pinterest wish lists start manifesting into one cohesive reality. just think of real cedar decking as your blueprint to backyard bliss. its easy to work with. thats why so many home improvers like working with western red cedar lumber.

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photo gallery; about us; names: thuja plicata, cypress, oregon cedar, giant cedar, arborvitae, british columbia cedar, canoe cedar, pacific red cedar, shinglewood, giant arborvitae; description: western red cedar is popular for decking, siding and paneling applications. it is not a good industrial wood despite its natural durability. it is

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juniperus virginiana, known as red cedar, eastern redcedar, virginian juniper, eastern juniper, red juniper, pencil cedar, and aromatic cedar, is a species of juniper native to eastern north america from southeastern canada to the gulf of mexico and east of the great plains. further west it is replaced by the related juniperus scopulorum rocky mountain juniper and to the southwest by

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adding a 10' section of 6' eastern red basket weave cedar fencing gives this olivette homeowner the privacy they need to enjoy their patio. another beautiful project for the team at fence and deck depot


eastern red cedar lumber is used for a variety of things. we have the best price on eastern red cedar lumber and cants due to low overhead. just email us about your red cedar needs. we have a little bit of cedar lumber in stock. most of our inventory is red cedar cants because it is faster and easier to cut.

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eastern red cedar for outdoor use thoughts on drying eastern red cedar, and on the wood's value for decks or outdoor furniture. december 6, 2009. question eastern red cedar is seldom used for decking because it is so soft and likes to split. consider northern or atlantic white instead or maybe even treated pine.

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- backyard deck and home improvment. similar images . add to likebox - juniper branch and berries with pharmaceutical bottles. similar images - wood grain from aromatic red cedar or eastern red cedar, juniperus.. similar images . add to likebox - flag of lebanon, brush stroke background. vector.

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there are a variety of types of cedar trees, from eastern red cedar to western red cedar, all of which can be identified once you know how.the eastern red cedar, a juniper, is common among wide swaths of the united states plains and east coast, with alternate leaves and double toothed.the western red cedar, also known as the giant cedar, is common in the western united states and has green

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our feature cedar tree species is the eastern red cedar.. if you are looking for information on other types of cedar, we recommend using google search.. we hope you enjoy the information and photos we have provided to help you identify various types of cedar, to learn interesting facts about cedar trees and how cedar wood is used in a variety of industries.

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the eastern redcedar is an ancient tree, dating to aboriginal america, where fossil evidence indicates it covered large portions of the continent. early explorers took note of the tree. arthur barlowe and phillip amadus were quoted as saying the trees were 'the tallest and reddest cedars in the world' when they arrived at roanoke island in 1564.

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by autumn, eastern red cedar trees develop pale, blue-green berries, much appreciated by birds. the wood of eastern red cedar is light, weighing about 33 lbs. per cubic foot air-dried, and, surprisingly, is 80 percent as strong as white oak. the thin, white sapwood has a pale pink hue, while the heart- wood darkens to pinkish red.

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in tree form, it is more commonly called eastern redcedar, while the wood itself is usually referred to as aromatic red cedar. though eastern redcedar trees are widely distributed throughout the eastern half of the united states, it is a very slow-growing species, and most trees harvested tend to be fairly small in diameter.

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eastern red cedar juniperus virginiana. like other 'cedars' it has many names: red cedar, eastern red cedar, virginian juniper, eastern juniper, virginia cedar, red juniper, pencil cedar and commonly, aromatic cedar. it is a native of eastern north america and can be found from se canada to texas, and west to the prairies.

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eastern red cedar fence boards and posts from chesterfield fence and deck company are composed of primarily all heartwood as opposed to sapwood. the heartwood of eastern red cedar is much harder than sapwood and, thus, holds its natural color longer. in addition, the natural oil in the heartwood minimizes mold, decay and insect infestation.

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fragrant eastern red cedar 5/4 decking. minimum order 80 boards or 640 l.f sold in 8 ft. board lengths. eastern red cedar decking is naturally resistant to wood-boring insects such as carpenter bees and termites.

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thank you for trumpeting the benefits of the eastern red cedar tree, pat. my first session of mg training about trees was at a cider place on us 29-s where we walked among the apple trees and saw the damage by deer and heard about apple cedar rust. you clarified that this is a good tree for the garden if we remember right tree, right place.